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Good car but not great

divergentdan, 01/08/2013
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I bought a '97 TL because the trannys on the 99-03s are notorious for failing. Bought the car with 138K and now it's up to 176K. I've replaced radiator ($150), axles+tie rod ($450), fuel pump ($250), starter ($150). Also replaced regular things (battery $100, rotors and pads $300). The car does tend to overheat, but it's usually caused by air in the cooling system so you just need to bleed the system when it does and it takes care of the problem 95% of the time. Gas mileage is just OK (26-28 highway, 24 combined). Slow windows is a universal problem. Otherwise it's a good car.

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'97 TL, an Excellent Car

Clay, 12/31/2005
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Excellent car in every way. At 110,000 miles the dealer replaced the o2 sensor and the spark plugs under the free Acura extended emissions warranty (up to 150,000 miles). Otherwise the car has been extremely reliable with only regular maintenance. Regular maintenance costs were low. The paint and the fit and finish of all interior and exterior parts are still great after eight years of use. And it's still comfortable and fun to drive with good acceleration, braking, and handling.

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Great Reliable Car

TRayner, 07/12/2002
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Have enjoyed the car since purchase. Very sharp simple design and cleans up very well. The placement of the fog light switch and criuise control button is hidden behind the headlight stalk. Very bad position. Love the leather interior and the factory sound system is excellent. Factory Michellins are adequate but a bit loud. Trunk is a bit small with a small opening, so loading luggage has to be planned. No problem ups to 100,000 miles and counting. Do keep the transmission fluid changed since the Acura don't have changeable filters.

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LIZ BECKER, 03/19/2002
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Overall the car is pretty solid, my only complaints are the road noise and the sheer wind factor on the driver's side. Cush claims this is a design problem and cannot be fix. I find this hard to believe in a car that when was new sold in the 30's. The sheer wind factor can be very irrating and would love to be able to fix. Cush dealership is great would buy from them again.

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This is my secon Acura 2.5 T L

ave8tor, 06/25/2012
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I have now owned two Acura 2.5 T L's. What an excellent automobile. The first one I sold after putting on almost 300,000Kms with just regular maintance. The only major problem is the manifold cracked and was not repairable, a $2,000 fix. Other than that I loved the car. The paint was excellent, and the interior stood up well, with just a few cracks in the leather interior. I purchased my second 2.5 t l in Geroria with only 40,000 miles on the spedo. Drove it Canada and had it totalled in a rear end collision with a pick up truck this week. I would recommend this car for its comfort, economy, and reliability and driving performance. A true five (5) star automobile.

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1997 Acura TL

todd, 04/22/2009
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This is the best vehicle I have owned yet. It currently has 285,000 kms and going strong. I just replaced my cv axle. It drives smooth, quiet and peppy as ever. I do find my fan (blower) isn't working as well as it used to but if that's my only problem... then I really don't have any. Still keeps up with the best of them.

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Not my favorite car at all

Eric, 07/11/2010
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Let's see when I bought this car ay first I loved it had no problems at all until the ac idler pulley went. Got that replaced. Then no more then a month later that belt Burns off, then the ac compressor went. Like a 600dollar job. My catalytic converter and flex pipe go. 700 dollar job. Back brakes plus calipers both sides. Front ones need to be done now. Passenger window gettin ready a blown speaker. Also the d led light is out for drive. Left front tierod too. And this is all happened in about 5months. There's more I'm sure but this car is horrible for things going wrong between 89,000-100k miles. Ridiculous. Was wondering if anyone else has probs like mine.

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Acura = 10 years without repair work

ealfarotx, 11/30/2007
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I've owned this car for 10 years and other than regular oil changes and regular maintenance I have only spent $250 for on-board computer connector that was replaced. It's time to do the timing-belt change now, but that's expected with close to 100k miles.

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Wished I kept my Honda, 08/08/2002
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Worst car I've ever had. Everyone else has the exact same problems with their cars. A technicians told me that the 2.5 TL's were the worst cars Acura makes. I will NEVER buy another Acura. Hard to believe that these people make Honda's. Ask a TL owner about problems they've had with their cars. You'll get a list. Here are things to worry about: parking brakes, regular brakes wind noise, radiators, if your car goes dead and you don't have the code to your radio you are screwed,inside brake lights, power lock shortage, the center piece in your rims will fall out,numerous recalls

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mtalinm, 11/29/2003
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Picked this up in a hurry when my BMW died. As others have said, I'm sure I can drive this car for 10 more years with minimal maintenance...the question is whether I would WANT to. From the outside, it looks like a Honda Accord with an Acura badge slapped on it. (The Honda stamps on the glass don't help.) The controls (wiper, cruise, even horn) are identical to the Accord my family drove in 1978. No evolution. None. Even worse is the engine. This thing can only break 10s 0-60 if I manually shift, and it's a yawner for passing anyone.

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