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Acura RDX is a great choice.

road_gypsy, 07/17/2014
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I was originally considering a Honda Crosstour, but also looked at the Subaru Outback 3.6r, lots of 4 cylinder SUVs, the and the RDX. My extended family has had good experiences with Hondas, but poor ones with BMW and Mercedes. The RDX quickly became my favorite. Didn't like the CVT and driving exp. of the Outback although it had more space. The Crosstour was felt heavier and had worse maneuverability, although real 4x4. The RDX was an instant top choice on the test drive. I like that it's fast and agile when I need it to be and saves some fuel with the VCM tech. on the highway. The tech. package has a lot of things I don't need, but the stock AWD has some great features.

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Love my car

maryz2, 01/18/2015
4dr SUV AWD (3.5L 6cyl 6A)
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I purchased the 2015 RDX AWD, I did not buy the tech package. I did add the fog lights. I love most everything about this car. Rides very nice and is quiet this was important to me. The stereo is nice and am happy about the satellite radio. My complaints would be no heat/air conditioning vent in the rear my former non luxury car had this. The mirrors hang out far on the sides really hard to get in my garage. I wish the temperature gage read larger. Overall a great purchase and my insurance did not go up. The RDX has a good safety rating.

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Excellent Luxury car for the price

raj2015, 03/20/2015
4dr SUV AWD (3.5L 6cyl 6A)
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Driving: Very smooth and comfortable and powerful Price: Best luxury SUV for this price. I would say very less when compare to other compact luxury SUV with given options Options: I dont want to blame that few options (like blind spot monitor) are available since i know it before buying. But the Bluetooth connectivity for phone is very poor. When i am using bluetooth calling, the audio is very poor and other end, they hear lot of noise (like wind blow sound). I have 2012 Camry but the bluetooth phone connection is very nice. Overall: I am very much satisfied for the price. I love my car. You can get lot of standard features in base model.

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Sometimes it is the small stuff that counts

broka, 07/25/2014
Technology Package 4dr SUV AWD (3.5L 6cyl 6A)
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I picked up my new RDX with technology package 5 days ago and I LOVE DRIVING IT. But there are some stupid things that should be in a car of this class. 1) The front passenger seat does not go up causing discomfort for some people and makes them feel like they are sitting on the floor. 2) There is no air conditioning vent in the rear. If it can be in smaller and less expensive cars, I see no reason why this can only have the cut out for it. 3) There is no light in the luggage compartment. That is ridiculous. Aside from these "small" issues, I love the car but these little annoyances can and should be easily fixed. Update, I have had the car now 2 1/2 years and it has 36000 miles. The car ride and performs fantastic. The seats are extremely comfortable (except the passenger seat only goes forward and back and my wife needs to sit on a pillow). I did subsequently to the original writing of this review find a light in the rear tailgate but those other annoyances still exist and are still frustrating. However in the 2016 model each of them were fixed. The car comes off lease in 6 months and I honestly do not know what I am going to do. The 2017 model is essentially the same with a few updates and fixes to the annoyances and there is a piece of me that wants something different. But on the other hand, I cannot find any fault with the car or the service of the dealership. I have spent $0 in repairs and have only changed oil and rotated tires. It performs flawlessly on the road and is a joy to drive. Tough decision!

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A conundrum.

George L, 02/04/2016
4dr SUV (3.5L 6cyl 6A)
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First, this is an excellent car. Having said that, after driving the car for six months, there are a number of short comings. Now after 5 years, these comments are still applicable. Specifically The first is that the rear seat does not fold flat when turned down. This makes it more difficult to store stuff Second, I would have preferred a heated steering wheel (OK, I want to be pampered) Third the gas mileage is a bit disappointing, particularly considering that premium fuel is required Next, the transmission down shifting as one slows down at a stop light is ragged and noticeable. The GPS system is a bit cumbersome, and cannot be used while driving. The phone system is also a fight to use while driving. I end up calling on my phone and letting the system transfer it to the car's system. Translated the speak while driving system is a failure Parts of the technology are still difficult to use, and not quite intuitive. Voice recognition system is at best crummy I still think the voice recognition system is lousy and the phone system is difficult to use. In my opinion, these electronics are the worst feature The dealer claims that the new models are better. (Expect that from a sales person) The seat is a bit uncomfortable. I have tried various cushions, and positions. For long distance driving, the most effectve method for me is to stop and stretch my legs. Drive is a bit more sporty than I would like. The MDX has a better system that lets you select 'sporty' or 'luxury' (The MDX costs $10,000 more, and is 10" longer. To me again, a bit pricey) One of the reasons that I purchased the car is the dealer. Our local dealer is absolutely terrific, and makes up for some of what I perceive as the short commings of the vehicle I would have preferred more storage cubby holes. Ergonomics are average. Every time I get in the car, I have to be careful not to hit my head on the top of the door frame Acceleration is excellent (obviously this is an offset for the mileage) Seats are marginally comfortable, particularly on long rides. Stereo is good I enjoy the ride,again, the seat is a bit uncomfortable for long trips Every car is a compromise, and there are no perfect grades Despite my negative comments, the car, overall, is pretty good. I have particularly good things to say about the reliability and dealer The all wheel drive and convenient size is a very big draw for me; it seamlessly handles wet, icy and snowy conditions, and is easy to park in the city This is a very nice car, but is also a work in progress After a year, I can say I really enjoy the ride, except for the seat on long rides The only gripe I really have are the Takata air bags. This is under recall (as are several million other cars,) but nobody has any replacements. I have been waiting for over three months, but the manufacturer has not been able to supply them. Finally did, after a year

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