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Great car BUT, MPG not as expected
By auntkatie24 on
2012 Kia Rio LX 4dr Hatchback (1.6L 4cyl 6M)
i love my 2012 Rio5 SX Manual trans, however the Est. Fuel Economy hasn't come close to meeting what Kia says it does. It doesn't cost much to fill up, haven't gone over $30 yet, but I fill up once a week and if I fill up at 1/4 tank I am lucky if I have 200 miles on my tank. It estimates around 350 till empty when I fill up. I am a very reserved driver since I bought this so I can get as much out of it as I can so I do not "hot rod" it. the gauge that shows me how much MPG I am getting says I am getting routinely, 28-30MPG but if that were true I should be able to get atleast 300 miles to a tank and I am not even reaching that. Otherwise I love my car! Great options, good looking, runs good
Favorite Features
GPS, Heated Seats, Backup Camera, Sirius Sat Radio, automatic folding mirrors, smart key, lock and unlock button on door handle so my smart key can always stay in my purse which means no fumbling around when your hands are full. Bluetooth tech is handy. Sunroof is great. Stll only down fall that I wouuld like to stress is don't count on getting 30-40 mpg, the car gauge says you are getting it, but the numbers dont match up when its time for your next fuel up.
Suggested Improvements
For paying $20,000 for my car I am disappointed with not getting the anticipated mpg's. Especially in a car that is so compact and light. I would expect way more out of it. Even with the Ecoboost on all the time it is not very good so I would recommend either changing that in the specs on the car so people don't buy it and get disappointed, or improve the car so that it does get the mpg's that is stated by the manufacturer. Otherwise I really can't find anything I would improve. Don't buy this car if you have a family and car seats and whatnot because it is a smaller and more compact car that is meant more for people without children who don't need a ton of room.
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By worknman
on 08/08/12 17:27 PM (PDT)

auntkatie24-we have one with the automatic 6 speed transmission. The only way we get good gas mileage out of it is to put 38-40 psi in the tires ,do not use the cruise control at all,turn on the econ button and drive under 65 miles per hour. Driving with the econ button on means you have to push the gas pedal half way to the floor ( with the auto trans anyway) before it will go up a hill but hey,we need to get as best mileage as we can out of this car. I just tried to just enjoy the car by putting the air pressure back to 32 psi because the car rides a little less harsh and with the econ button off but I got terrified by using a half a tank of gas at only 100 miles. Our KIA is well built but it's a gas hog pure and simple.

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By dchev
on 08/11/12 00:36 AM (PDT)

Hi guys, :) you just started a "new" old discussion about the Rio, so I just want to join in, again :) Btatr, you just proved the point of worknman, for the Rio having bad gas millage. Kia claims 30 Mpg in the city, while you state 24-25..... Kia claims 40 Mpg highway, while you get 37 Mpg.... In both of examples, this is under what Kia claims.... substantually. People need to know about this gas millage, because there are many people who will not like these numbers and will look else where. As for myself, I love my 2012 Kia Rio5 SX; even though, I get city gas millage26-27 Mpg. The ride is excellent, and gas millage is kind of acceptable trade off for me.... right now.

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By dchev
on 08/11/12 00:40 AM (PDT)

As far as all claims by AuntKatie24, she might be living in another country where they have a SX model with manual transmission. I agree with btatr, that there is something fishy with her review; however, if she is located in Australia, for isnstance, she could have bought SX with manual transmission....The name of SX in Australia is SLS....

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By btatr
on 08/11/12 10:43 AM (PDT)

Please read what I wrote dchev, I did NOT confirm what your buddy worknman said. He called the RIO a gas hog. On what planet is that true? I've said from day one that nobody should expect to get EPA mileage where the test are completed in a lab. As for my last trip yesterday, it was 75-80% highway and I still got over 37 mpg. I'm guessing if the trip would have been 100% highway, even with my A/C running the entire time, I would have gotten between 38-39 mpg. And my MIXED driving is between 31-32 mpg which is pretty close to the EPA rating. Finally, city only driving is where my RIO falls short. In my last all city tank I only got 25 mpg but I'm still pleased overall. In addition, my car is 9 months old and I haven't had a single problem. I know I shouldn't say that because it's like the kiss of death.

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By mattman44
on 08/11/12 15:09 PM (PDT)

You guys with the gas mileage are funny. First of all, Kia is not making any claims to gas mileage. The EPA reviews mileage of vehicles and thus prints that number on window stickers. If your gripes are with anyone, it's them. If you don't think the automakers are going to jump on good numbers they get from the EPA testing you're nuts. I previously had a Nissan Versa 6sp manual transmission. It was rated 32hwy (34 for the CVT). I would say 80% of my driving was hwy with that car. But even on interstates you can record worse mileage than the city number estimates if you drive like a moron. I consistently would get 33-35 mpg in the Versa (always full tanks) because I drive for mileage. I would not call myself a "hypermiler" persay but I'm aware of mileage when I drive and stay very light on the accelerator when I can be. This being said with the Rio rated at 40 I expected to get a little over that highway figure. I have not yet and truth be told I'm slightly disappointed however A) I haven't broken my car in yet (Versa I bought with 22K), the Rio new and B) my comprable commute to my figures with the Versa won't start until school starts in September. That's when I will really be able to test it. My summer job is about 22 miles interstate and 18 miles of 50mph hwy with 22 stoplights (one way). Considering I cannot go over or under 38mpg so far on that commute with the Rio I am very happy. It has been very consistent. Do NOT use the computer for your mileage numbers. My average reads btw 40-43mpg each tank. The math does not add up to that. Every car I have tested the computer's accuracy on is the same (Prius and Ram). They always seem to be between 2 and 4 MPG off in the more actual math. Here is what I personally do for my mileage numbers in the Rio... -95% of the time keep RPMs near or under 3000 in each gear -Use manumatic when accelerating. Select 2nd while stopped. You do not need to use 1st gear with that car from a dead stop. -Let the car downshift on its own when slowing. In manumatic mode it is MUCH more conservative with downshifts than in auto. In auto it downshifts too early when simply coming to a stop. If you can feel a transmission downshift while slowing using brakes it's doing it too early. -Highway crusing stay between 68 and 72mph -Be light on the throttle - let the car coast to red lights as much as possible and let off for downsloping hills. The instant mpg on the computer will help (if equiped). -Don't tailgate, leave yourself plenty of room to adjust slightly to traffic flow - constant braking and accelerating will kill mileage. Try this for one full tank. Calculate on the next fill up without topping off the tank. I have not had a full tank net under 330 miles with that commute.

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By btatr
on 08/11/12 19:13 PM (PDT)

I never claimed you said anything about ECO mode. Unlike you, I drive only in pure automatic mode. My manual driving days are behind me. besides, who wants to go through all of the changes you described. It's much easier, and more fun for me, to let the computer do all of the shifting. You may not like ECO mode but I find that it does work on a flat stretch of the Interstate, increasing my mpg slightly. Finally, if you're getting 38 mpg in that combination of interstate and 18 miles with 22 traffic lights, your mixed mileage results match those of Motor Week, which I thought were inflated. Maybe they weren't? That's significantly higher than the EPA Mixed Rating of 33 mpg and far more than I'm getting in Mixed Driving.

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By dchev
on 08/12/12 01:56 AM (PDT)

btatr, worknman called the rio gas hog in relative terms. EPA is 30 Mpg, while you and me get 24-26 city EPA is 40 Mpg, while you and me get 35-37 highway. City gas millage is off 5 Mpg, highway gas millage is off 3-4 Mpg. These are big numbers for me and probably for worknman. This type of millage is gotten by cars like Sonata, Camry, Fusion.... It is not normal a 2500lb car to get this type of millage! That is why worknman is unsatisfied. As I said in my previous post, I like my car, and poor gas millage in city will not make me an unhappy customer. What do you mean by this statement :) "dchev, worknman, and/or auntkatie. You aren't fooling me, I know exactly what's going on" I told you once that I have nothing to do with worknman or auntkatie. We are three independent and new Kia customers. Based on our previous cars, we have expectations about our new car...the Rio. If somethings is "wrong" with our new car, we want to share it with internet community. There are always people who read all our comments, so this is kind of help for them to choose what they think would be a good car for their needs.

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By btatr
on 08/11/12 15:24 PM (PDT)

Mattman44, here's some advice from me which is not scientific but I think it's sound. Do NOT use Economy Mode unless you're on a relatively flat section of the Interstate. ECO mode works well on the Interstate but it's a negative everywhere else. For those 18 miles with the 22 traffic lights, I would turn OFF Eco Mode and you will have better acceleration and improved fuel economy. Then turn it back on when you're on the Interstate.

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By mattman44
on 08/11/12 19:35 PM (PDT)

I understand what you are saying. I just got out of a manual car so for me I'm not ready to give up that control yet I guess. I'm not totally upset about the 38mpg I'm getting. I just blew away the Versa EPA numbers by so much I was expecting that more proportionally to the Rio I guess. In the summer with the Versa I would get 33mpg most tanks with that same commute (only 1mpg over it's EPA hwy sticker). The good thing about the lights with the manual is I could always coast to a red light stop in neutral. I can in the Rio too by switching it to N but that sort of becomes annoying. My first full tank road trip with it will be in October from New Jersey to North Carolina so I'm anxious to see what I can do there.

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By mattman44
on 08/11/12 18:35 PM (PDT)

btar. I never said anything about ECO mode. My overall review should be out in the next day or so after it is approved by the moderators. In it I say that I think the ECO mode will cause accidents. It's terrible. I used it once and never will again. ECO mode won't work on the interstate anyway because it shortens throttle response as the transmission works through the gears during acceleration. It more or less "retards acceleration" dropping the transmission into higher gears at lower speeds as you accelerate. I use the manumatic function of the transmission so that I choose the upshifts...not the car (sliding the gearshift over to the left). I hate the auto transmission. I'm glad I can use the +/- to shift myself.

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By btatr
on 08/12/12 03:13 AM (PDT)

One correction, my 37 mpg figure was NOT all highway, it involved a portion of driving on a two lane highway with traffic lights. That means periodically stopping and starting at red lights. I still have to find the time to go on a long drive on the Interstate without any stop and go driving. I'm dying to find out what my mpg will be. I read a couple of reviews on the net by guys who claimed to get over 40 mpg on their interstate journeys. But I want to confirm that for myself before I believe it.

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By kirstie_h
on 08/12/12 10:55 AM (PDT)

Some comments have been removed - please focus comments on the VEHICLE or the issue, and not on other members. -kirstie_h Reviews Moderator

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By btatr
on 08/12/12 13:52 PM (PDT)

Hi Kirstie: I appreciate your input as the moderator but why did you remove my comment about the RIO reference AuntKatie's claims? AuntKatie said her manual transmission RIO has "GPS, Heated Seats, Backup Camera, Sirius Sat Radio, automatic folding mirrors, smart key, lock and unlock button on door handle..." That cannot possibly be true. The only RIO Manual Transmission model is the entry level and it does NOT have any of those features mentioned in her post. Those comments are specifically focused on the vehicle. Thank You Kirstie.

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