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Great car

daveba84, 07/17/2011
New GLS V6 4dr Sedan (2.8L 6cyl 5A)
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I bought my passat in 2008 with 140,000 miles on it. It was at a used car lot and I liked everything about it. The exterior/interior were in great shape and after the test drive i was sold. I drive 106 round trip miles per day to work so I needed a car that was good on gas and the passat fit the bill. As of today I have over 250,000 miles on the passat and drives like the day I purchased it. I have had to put minor repairs as well as regular scheduled maint. (oil changes,battery,headlight,wiper relay) but you will have this with any car. Do yourself a favor-do not get repairs done at a dealership. With any car they will charge you 3x more then what a good local mechanic would.

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looks can be deceiving...

wvmechanic88, 09/27/2012
New GLS 1.8T 4dr Sedan (1.8L 4cyl Turbo 5A)
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Bought this car with 100K mile on it. car looked good. ran fine. the little 1.8 turbo engine really runs good. great handling at high speeds. now for the cons... after about two months the ignition coil packs started going out one by one. have replaced some twice. then its the crank position sensor. then the exhaust. next was the windshield. no dings in it but is just cracked for no ryme or reason. when i first saw the car it was love at first sight but that didnt last long... expensive repairs that never stop.

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Leaving is a bitter sweet emotion

scouserusa, 02/04/2011
GLS 1.8T 4dr Sedan (1.8L 4cyl Turbo 5A)
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Traded in 1 01 Malibu, for an 01 Passat. I'm from the UK, and driven a new VW problems, and loved the build quality. 64K at purchase, and no problems for a year. Then a CEL..which I ignored..found out to be a MAF sensor, then coil ignitor issues(recall), tie end rods, vacuum hoses, oil cooler went at 120K, and had to flush entire system. With premium fuel, expensive oil changes, brakes, annual coolant flushes, the constant worry of a blown head gasket or turbo failure was not far off. Excellent when new, but get sell after 5 years and don't look back. I was on first name terms with all the mechanics at the local garage. Do NOT buy a used Passat, simple advice.

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The Audi A4 of VW's

James Monro, 10/06/2015
New GLS V6 4dr Wagon (2.8L 6cyl 5M)
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It drives, smell, looks like its Audi A4 cousin, and just as expensive to run and maintain. It is a great running car, with very good handling characteristics, it has an absolute classic style that I think will never get old. The interior although nice, is made of very poor quality. At the expensive of soft touch and expensive looking coverings, all of that starts to degrade, crack and rub off over time. There are rattles and squeaks happening that I notice does not happen on other cars of this year. The car has great gas mileage, but then its off set by the 1.8 T requires premium gas. It has great space for 5 and loads of head room. It's a great European car if it wasn't for the unreliability, cost of ownership, and expensive fill-ups. You could literally spend $1500 dollars on this car one month and in two months have another bill for 2K. I've had my VW experience so this will probably be the last VW product I purchase, and there is more to life than spending money on fixing a I rather bite the bullet and buy a Honda.

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It's a shame

Steve C., 02/11/2009
New GLX V6 4Motion AWD 4dr Sedan (2.8L 6cyl 5A)
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It let me down. I've maintained this car well. Babied it, in fact. Did all of the proper fluid changes, including brake and coolant flushes, rotated tires, etc. But it still began to require expensive repairs around 70,000 miles. Brake pads only lasted around 30K. The exterior and interior held up well. The leather seats are soft and durable without much care and conditioning. The car handles great, does good in the snow, but oil leaks and coolant problems ruined an otherwise great experience. I would've kept buying VW products if they could just hold together to 100,000 miles without expensive repairs. Sadly, they can't. Nice car, just don't keep it much past the warranty.

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