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farid3, 05/27/2014
GL 4dr Sedan
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I HAVE JETTA GL 2.0 IT HAS 221000 MILES ON IT. ITS A GOOD CAR BUT VERY DELICATE CAR. IT HAS TO HAVE PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE ON IT ON A REGULAR BASES, AND BE ON THE TOP OF CAR SERVICE ALL THE TIME. IF YOU LIKE TO FLIRT AROUND WITH A CAR THAN IS GOOD BUT IF YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE JUST PUTS IN GAS AND CAHNGE THE OIL ONCE A WHILE THAN THIS IS NOT YOUR CAR and stick with Japanes cars. changed the timing belts, cranck sensor, changed lot of plastic connections in the engines. radiator replaced and the AC changed compressor changed with a new BEHR unit. used Mobil 1 oil. changed the transmission fluid every other year. German cars have to have preventive service done on them.

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Really great car!!

ejames513, 07/31/2011
GLS 4dr Sedan
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I bought my 2000 Jetta GLS 5 speed manual brand new. It now has 210,000 miles on it and runs the same as it did in 2000. Never left me stranded or broke down. Only major items replaced is the timing chain, water pump and battery which is common in any other car. As long as you change your oil every 3 months and flush the fluids regularly it should last a long time. The only problems I've had with the car is the glove box hinge broke and the CD player works half the time. The car is not the fastest car but it takes off pretty quick and zooms around corners with no problem. Other than that I would recommend this car and would buy another. I'll let you guys know when it hits 300,000 miles!

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Jetta TDI

Georgia, 07/06/2009
GL TDi 4dr Sedan
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I have owned this TDI for 6 yrs and have been very happy. It has over 300k and is running strong. Every feature still works (heated seats). We get an adverage of 51 mpg. and we just purchased a second one for my husband.

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This is MY car!

Marcus, 07/12/2008
GL TDi 4dr Sedan
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I've read some of the reviews here, so I have chosen to write something positive. Dealerships are Robbing you! The Idea of these Tdi's Is to maintain them properly. And knowledge is your best friend. My Tdi is amazing.. Excellent power and fun to drive. Yes there are electrical issues, but that is a far shot from getting 400 to 500 thousand miles out of your engine life. Get a mechanic that is competent and KNOWS the tdi and you are set.. I do ALL of my maintenance myself, How? Research. And these cars are easy to work on. Don't let the vw dealerships take you hard earned money.

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Fly Jetta

George Spicer, 04/05/2006
GLS 1.8T Turbo 4dr Sedan
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I have a 2000 VW Jetta and the performce is good, but the motor can put out so much more power. How do i know? I have a stg-3 turbo kit in mine, and I'm puting down about 260 hp the ground with the factory engine.

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