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2011 GTS impulse buy / AWD w. navigation

KizDan, 11/29/2010
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We took our 2008 SX4 to the local dealership (Ellis Suzuki) for the 15,000 mile checkup. While we were waiting we saw the silver GTS and fell in love. Took it for a drive and came home with it. I hate impulse buys, but I've not had any regrets with this purchase. I always wanted navigation, and this GTS had it installed. Stereo is wonderful, although I was surprised it only held one cd. Used the IPOD connection, and it sounded wonderful. Bluetooth worked with Iphone just great. I could go on and on. Oh, I could have gotten a 2010 for a lot less, but I really liked the changes in body styling on the 2011.

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Best bang for your buck!

mtloveskg, 06/13/2011
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I tested a Sonata, Camry, Accord and Optima. After uears of buying just Honda and Kia I decided to take a chance on one of Japans top selling manufacturers. It paid off! I LOVE this car! Fun ride, great comfort for someone like me (6'4). Very peppy engine. Sweet in and out!

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Kizashi vs Jetta

sabkosalam, 06/04/2011
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I have an 06 jetta and just got my Kizashi. Its only natural for me to compare the two. I have fallen in love with the Kizashi so I only want to mention the things I didn't like or am not used to. Car is extremely beautiful but too low, I'd be scared to drive on serious bumps/snow. Doors don't lock automatically when you start driving. All four windows are not on one touch auto like jetta (I am spoiled by this jetta feature). Center armrest doesn't extend forward like jetta. Floor Mats are too black, can see dirt. Harsh ride in the GTS sport trim that we got. Has bump steer because of strong suspension. Front passenger seat can't be moved up and down like the Jetta.

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Excellent Car

realitycheck1, 02/19/2011
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I bought a white Kizashi 2 months ago and I could not be happier. This car has the most fluid steering I have ever felt in a regular mid sized sedan. It has a very expensive feel to it in how it drives and the interior quality is excellent. Very quiet. I average 27 MPG around town and I've got 32 MPG on the highway. No problems as of yet, but of course the car is still brand new so I don't expect any. I love how few people own these and I get inquires all the time about it. Fantastic car.

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Completly suprised

tlc64, 11/19/2011
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Always been a Honda guy but the more we use this little Kizashi the more we like it. Smooth and quiet and gets better with miles. Reminds me of what Honda used to be when they beat everybody else with the little details. Never dreamed i would ever buy a Suzuki but i did and it sure works great for us.

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Love this car

firefly1366, 04/16/2011
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The Kizashi was on my short list to test drive, along with the new Optima. I drove the Optima first. Then I got in the Kizashi and the Optima quickly became a fuzzy memory. This car is fun to drive, the design and quality of the interior is top-notch, and its looks get compliments everywhere. Power is adequate for my needs. It is larger than it looks in pictures. Rear seat room is a bit less than most competitors, but four adults fit comfortably. The seats are well shaped and supportive, even in back, unlike the rear seat in the Optima which felt low, flat and dark.

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Opinion Changer

angel973, 11/21/2011
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This car totally changes my opinion against Suzuki vehicles. I used to own a Suzuki XL-7 4WD Limited. It left much to be desired in many ways and as a result I traded it in with a Nissan after owning it for just a short time while it was still in a pretty good condition. I thought I would never buy a Suzuki again. Lo and behold I came across this beautiful car by chance. Both my wife and I love this car. Its look - both the interior and exterior - is quite pleasing to the eyes. The ride is smooth and comfortable. The performance is surprisingly exciting. Not to mention that you get possibly the best bang for your buck. The bottom line is, this is really a great car and worth looking into.

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Terrible paint and warranty

homer1041, 06/21/2012
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I bought a 2011 around this time last year. From a mechanical and fun to drive standpoint, its great, but the painted metal surfaces are rusting and Suzuki is denying it as a defect, claiming instead that its an environmental. I haven't owned many cars that rusted, let alone with only 6000 miles on them. Needless to say, my good will towards the company is lost and now it will become a legal matter. Its ashame really, as I did whole lot of research before picking this I really wanted it. Now I'm not so sure.....and who really know's the extent of the could be encompass the entirely of the unibody. Beware as this isn't an isolated issue, just the responses vary.

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Hot Little Car

laura5medic, 02/23/2014
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I have to say I have owned several nice cars in my day and I love to try out new and different models, especially if they have great curb appeal. This one caught my eye as soon as I saw it on the road and I had to find out what it was and where to test drive one at. I was driving a Mustang GT at the time which is an awesome car in itself. This one didn't quite have the GT pep but this old lady needed to chill a bit and this car was perfect. I also owned a Lexus IS 250 and this reminded me of it almost to a tee. Very well made, excellent interior quality and accessories and the exterior is just awesome (I own a Black metallic one). I have had this car 2 yrs now and love it.

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Great Car

rcopa1, 09/09/2011
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This is a great little car. I waited to write a review until i had the car for a while, about 5 months now. Each day i bond with it a little more. It handles & rides great. It really feels like a european auto. I can see where a V6 would take it to a whole other level but am amazed at the effortless power when passing on the highway. When i think i'm doing 60 Im usually doing 80. They really covered their bases with every comfort detail no matter how small. To sum it up i would say i feel "smart" in buying this car. So much car for so little money. I have to chuckle when i think people are buying in droves Camarys, Accords, Jettas in droves - BORING.

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