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I got a good one!!!!!, 11/26/2015
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200000 miles and still going! i have traveled all over the us with this truck and i must say i am very impressed! wish they would build suvs like that now a days! my new jeep.....junk compared to my trusty Bravada which I might add is still running and driving to this day! all in all its all in how you take care of it! I would buy another Bravada any day!

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Not a bad car, Not great either

123, 06/30/2009
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I have had this car for about 4 years. Bought the car used with 40k on it and now it is up to 100k. Have not had any major problems with it until now. The ball joints need to be replaced and the mechanic I took it to wants to replace all the seals and steering rods in the front with the ball joints. Other than that only small things have gone wrong with it. The fuel gauge broke and I replaced it and then it broke again so I just go by the mileage now. The car gets horrible gas mileage, An average of 12 to 15 mpg.

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Bravada, our generation's EDSEL!

proofed, 02/11/2010
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HI all, I am "mad as hell and I am not going to take ti anymore". Mostly at myself for buying what was meant to be a practical purpose, but the shine and the bells and the whistles sucked me in.To keep it as brief as possible, I bought this car as I needed a vehicle that could tow a boat and a small trailer. It fit the bill perfectly and I traded my SW2 Saturn Wagon, a good car, for this nightmare on elm street. I have been able to use it twice in two years to camp and to boat, a short trip. Overheating was # 1, Bad gas #2, complete cat replacement with 6 oxy sens #3,a 300 spider fuel injection unit #4,batt drain, as the genius who designed the switch made it too easy to leave on,more...

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Not bad if you ask me.

Gundy1024, 12/27/2002
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We have only had this vehicle for a year but have been really happy with it. I bought it with 35k miles and have put about 10k on it since then. Other than less than average fuel economy and having to replace a belt tensioner pulley I can't say anything bad about it.

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Run Away

zerosoma33, 04/14/2011
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The only redeeming factor of my Bravada ownership was that I paid $700 for it and was able to use it during one harsh winter season. At the tail end of January, however, all of that ended for this vehicle. 123,000 miles. What a nightmare. Engine knock. Had it looked at, said it was the belts but didn't need to be replaced immediately. It also shut off sometimes while in reverse. One frosty January night the vehicle quit accelerating and wouldn't turn back on. I coasted it to a parking lot and had it towed. Flywheel broke off and damaged internal parts. Ruined the transmission. Now the vehicle will start but will not shift. Keys get stuck in ignition. Engine grinds like a lawnmower.

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