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Beautiful car and fun to drive

vkmicro, 09/23/2014
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Well let me start off with comparing it to different cars I drove and took for a test drive. Before eclipse I used to drive 4 door sedans, and comparing to the sedans, Mitsubishi eclipse has much more maneuverability on the roads both on high speeds and around the city. Comparing to the Grand Prix 1997 which I used to have, it's slightly worse on the snow because it's a lot lighter weight, so have to drive with more caution. I have a GS edition with automatic transmission and it's awesome, it's really fast and like I mentioned before very agile on the road. Overall I give the car 9/10, wish it was slightly better designed inside (EX: Better cup holders) but it's fun and looks amazing.

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Fun to Drive!

sara_huntley, 06/06/2013
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I bought my Eclipse from a private seller in Aug 2012 with 119, 990 miles on it which turned to 120,000 on the way home. The guy didn't tell me all of the problems that came with it but that was expected. The car was over 100k and obviously needed some repairs due to its age. They were all minor fixes that were neglected. Throughout the couple months of fixing these things the car ran very well. I have never been stuck on the side of the road! I love that it came with the power shift for accelerating even with a 4-cyl. With regular maintenance this car can go for 200k+ miles!

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My first officially owned car, totally worth it

Term, 04/06/2016
GT 2dr Hatchback (3.0L 6cyl 4A)
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The 2003 GT Eclipse is great! I recently traded it in for a brand new Mazda3 which is also fantastic, but I often find myself missing the Eclipse even though my Mazda3 is fully loaded and is very fun to drive itself! The car drove extremely well but certainly was not meant to be tuned as it wasn't fast and the engine was.... interesting to work on to say the least. That's certainly not saying that it was not fast enough to pass other cars with ease when called upon. She was an absolute head turner, I powder coated the stock rims black and put limo tint on the windows which REALLY made her stand out from the crowd. When I had the sunroof flipped out, she was one of the sportiest cars on the road. I didn't have the leather interior but it was still perfect with how Mitsubishi laid everything out. The sound package that came with her was fantastic and I never needed to touch it as it was spot on. I did, however, swap the head unit with something more modern (bluetooth). Mechanically, this car was partially sound. Downsides were replacing wearing parts such as the timing belt (yes, it has a timing belt in the v6) and maintaining the suspension which became a headache near the end of my ownership. The cruise control solenoid failed near the end too, which left the "Cruise" light on and the actual unit unusable. Another issue that apparently a lot of Mitsu's have is the engine burning and leaking oil, which at 139,000 miles on mine was a serious problem, every gasket on the engine was leaking oil (head gasket, valve cover gasket, oil pan gasket, and even the main rear seal which was NOT WORTH IT TO FIX AT ALL). I did a lot of the maintenance work on it myself such as replacing a cracked radiator which resulted from road debris, the front bumper which a truck backing out of a parking spot poked a hole into with their hitch, replacing spark plugs and cleaning the intake. I can't say my knees didn't take a beating from doing this work as a result of the v6, but at the end of the day it was easy and Mitsubishi designed this car to be easy to maintain and allowed me to cut my teeth on car maintenance for the first time. It had very slight rust issues but that's easy to overlook because it only affected specific parts of the car. I love this car and would recommend it to anyone. I enjoyed it and still really miss her, wish that I could have kept her but the dealer gave me a trade-in offer that I couldn't pass up. I hope if anyone ever owns my car in the future, they can fix her up properly and give her a garage that I always wish I could have provided. :)

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Underrated Car

kobo1d, 09/09/2009
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I've had my Eclipse GTS Automatic for a little over 4 years and it has been a very nice car. Bought used, still under factory bumper-to-bumper warranty, I've driven it hard (currently at 67000 miles) and have had very little issues with it. The only problems with the car have been some electrical issues: The factory 6-CD player completely stopped working, refusing to play and making a horrible crunching sound constantly. Mitsubishi wanted $450 to fix it, so I just replaced it with an aftermarket setup. The switch for the passenger side window only rolls the window up, not down, so the passenger has to roll down their own window. Sunroof switch is touchy. And yes, the plastic scratches easy.

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Ruben, 01/19/2010
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I purchased my 03 Eclipse used with 35,000 miles in 2005. It currently has 115,000 miles. This car has been a blast to drive. It hasn't given me problems other than routine maintenance (brakes, tires, battery, belts). The sportronic transmission is awesome, although I don't use it as much. I am selling it now because I need a bigger vehicle. Will miss it for sure. Would buy a new eclipse again if the body style on newer eclipses are similar to the 00-05 models.

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