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2023 Mercedes-Benz EQB Consumer Reviews

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We have a limited number of reviews for the 2023 EQB, so we've included reviews for other years of the EQB since its last redesign.
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AB, 02/26/2023
2023 Mercedes-Benz EQB EQB 250+ 4dr SUV (electric DD)
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I bought a Mercedes Benz EQB 350 on 01.18.2023. I traded in a Lexus RX450H. My biggest mistake in my life that I paid almost $69000 plus taxes for the EQB 350 and did not realize that how much I was scooping down in quality and features of the vehicle. First of all, I was handed over a vehicle which had not undergone the new vehicle pre inspection. Had problems from day one. Brought the car twice to the selling dealership (which is more than 1 hr 15mts away from my home) and they could not fix the problem. Took it to a dealer near my work, which is also 50 mts away from home, and after several visits and holding the vehicle over a week, till date i.e., 02.26.23 the vehicle has not been completely fixed. I am told they will inform me when the parts are in and then I will have to take the vehicle to them again, who knows whether it will still be fixed or not. I bought a Mercedes over Tesla by paying more than Tesla assuming that I would get a better-quality product, but unfortunately, I landed up buying something which does not prescribe the Mercedes Brand. The vehicle lacks basic features which these days are available in almost all vehicles on road as standard feature. The EQB 350 does not deliver anywhere close to the recommended mileage. Its not even close to what they claim. There so-called high voltage battery does not hold power even if you park the vehicle in a closed garage. If you don’t drive the EQB for 2 days, the battery loses almost 10% from where you left last time. That’s one of the biggest drawbacks of this vehicle. This is when the battery is brand new, God knows what will happen when it gets old. The free 30-minute charge point card that they provide is another big-time gimmick. Charge Point has either 3.4 KW chargers (most of them are 3.4 kw) or 6.7 KW chargers. I have not found one single Charge Point DC charger which is considered as the fastest chargers for EV. If you charge on 3.4 kw charger for 30 mts it only adds less than 2 miles on the battery and if you charge on 6.7 kw then it charges for less than 5 miles for 30 mts. So, the whole thing is a gimmick. This is a way that Charge Point pulls customers to their charging station and then you land up paying a handful to them for charging over 30 mts. At this point there are much better options available which are better than EQB 350. I wish I could get rid of this EV.

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