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Dream car

caristo, 11/30/2010
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I've had two mark VIII's in my life. I haven't had a big problem with either car. I had a 97 Lsc and a 94. My 94 i picked up for a 1000 and i literally have not had to replace anything besides brakes and tires.

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Great design

my1stmark, 12/23/2004
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This is my first Mark that I have purchased. I would suggest this car to anyone looking for performance, value, and sporty. There are some issues to contend with such as the terrible headlights that burn the reflective material inside the lights, and the cracking of the buttons on the climate control. The only other complaint is finding parts for this car. (Thanks eBay) Other than those issues, this car has been reliable, fun to drive, and depending on your driving habits can be quite fuel efficient. (I have seen 30 mpg on a long highway ride!) The air suspension makes this car ride like a foreign car, and the power is just incredible.

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Hot Rod

Michael Draughn, 12/24/2006
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This was the Hot Rod of it day! Designed to compete with Lexus & Cadillac!! The Mark VIII is the best Lincoln made from 1993 thru 1998. It also has the 4 cam v8 which most police & State Patrol use! Great Car !!! Lincoln Should redesign & reproduce this auto!! Still getting 19+ mpg. A six speed tranny would help over the 4 speed! I wish I had a dozen of them!!

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$1500 goes a long way

Nathan, 01/01/2016
2dr Coupe
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The Mark VIII is definitely not without flaws, however it is a really great car. It has never left me stranded, repairs and maintenance are very affordable and fuel mileage is reasonable for a RWD V-8 coupe. Update 7/4/16: I have ran into some needed repairs as of late, but that is to be expected on a 22 year old car. Still a great, reliable, comfortable car. Update 1/7/17: I have parted ways with the Lincoln because the repairs needed outweighed the use left in the vehicle. It served me well for 2 1/2 years. The reality of these cars is they are a luxury car and they are now old, as such things will start to break. If you are keeping one long term I recommend changing over to a coilover suspension as the air ride is very expensive to keep up. I also recommend the J mod for the transmission which will improve the life of the transmission as well as shift points. Also I recommend joining the Lincoln Vs. Cadillac forum and the Lincoln Mark VIII enthusiast community on facebook as they will provide much needed advice and point you towards parts which grow more and more scarce. I loved my Mark VIII and I continue to search for another.

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Devil in Disguise

joeymarino, 12/22/2004
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The car is an absolute pleasure to drive, The engine packs a large punch when you step on the accelerator. With its 280-290 hoursepower it accelarates faster than a new Mustang GT. Many people look at is as an old man's car but when you drive it it's anything but=)

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