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joe's CIVIC EX

joe, 05/06/2006
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This car has never left me stranded, or let me down in any way. You'll never understand how great the gas mileage is until you own a civic. My civic has 170,000 miles on it and it still runs like new. I'm looking into buying a brand new civic while I restore my old one. A civic is so easy and affordable to upgrade. I currently have a full body-kit, carbon-fiber spoiler, rims, euro tail lights, projecter head lights, (blue) under body lights, kenwood amps, sony sub woofer, rockford speakers, kenwood CD changer, pioneer in-dash CD with flip out moniter, playstation 2, air intake, header, cat- back exaust, and many more upgrades. I plan to tear it down, and re-build it into a true show car.

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Great small car

my honda my baby, 03/20/2010
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I bought this car based above everyone else's advice. The car is great. She had to have a head gasket repaired for $1000 right after i bought her. She is cheap on gas, which really does help out a college student. Runs great and i have 158,000 on her right now. I would never want to replace this car. I have already decided when that time does come i will purchase a new engine and keep my baby longer. Why mess with a good car that runs cheap? Take car of this car and you will save every single time you go to the gas station.

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I got a lemon but still love Honda

iadara, 06/15/2013
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I purchased my Civic about 2 years ago from a college kid who'd lost his license and was really happy with the car initially. However, I think mainly due to very, very bad mechanics (took mine to a national chain that shall remain nameless) I'm pretty sure they're the reason why my head gasket went after only owning the car 1.5 yrs. I paid 2k for the car and put over another 2k into it for repairs. Horrible experience but I still love Honda. I was trying to buy another Civic albeit a newer model, but ended up with a Corolla instead-the price was right and I've owned a Corolla before. I'd still buy a Honda in a heartbeat as this was a solid vehicle until it was mistreated by idiots.

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we've been through a lot together

ghst99, 05/13/2004
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I bought this car way back in 97 with 75000 miles already on it. I drove it from California to Massachusetts and all the way down the East coast a couple of times then to Texas. In my time in the North East it handled great in the snow, The Body rusted a little, I had to change the brakes and cv joints once. It passed inspection everytime and I recently sold it for 2500 with 140000 miles on it! Great car, great resale value. Good bye old friend.

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My 25th car, and I love it.

AMP, 04/03/2007
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Having owned many different types and models of cars now, I will have to say the Civic is my all time favorite. I've parted with all my cars in the past except for my Civic and my CRX, 2 of the best cars I have ever owned. I recently sold my 97 subaru for this 95 civic and I have no regrets. I've been in search for a Civic since my old 91 civic finally died out after 4 accidents and 258K miles. As long as you can find one that wasn't raced out, and maintained, everything will be fine. Yeah they ride just a tiny bit rough, but handle great, reliable, peppy, 38-45 mpg, and just a blast to drive. Make sure to install an alarm as these cars are hot.

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