Not Quite There - 2010 Honda Crosstour Long-Term Road Test

2010 Honda Crosstour Long-Term Road Test

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2010 Honda Crosstour: Not Quite There

November 01, 2010


This weekend marked the first time I brought our Honda Crosstour home. I was curious as to how it drove and if the hatch really does add utility, but I got distracted by some mildly aggravating features.

It's already been noted that the center stack has far too many buttons, and I agree. There are plenty of cars out there with the same features that don't resort to control panels that look like it was pulled out of the Apollo 11 lunar lander. My real issues with the Crosstour, however, lay elsewhere.

crosstour seat.jpg

Issue number one: the headrests are canted too far forward. This would seriously drive me crazy on a long road trip. I felt like an old man, crouching towards the steering wheel or feigning interest in a story that someone was telling me. What a relief it was to exit the car and stand upright again.

Issue number two: the navigation gives me the runaround. I entered my destination and the nav system plotted a route that had me on a scenic tour of Los Angeles. Fortunately, I knew better than to follow those directions and headed straight for the freeway. A few hundred feet from the onramp, the navigation wanted me to drive an extra half mile around the area to enter at a different ramp. On the freeway, the system kept directing me to the least direct route, adding a good 12 miles to this trip. Stranger still, I haven't run into this problem with other Honda vehicles.

crosstour trunk.jpg

Issue number three: no hooks in the trunk. Since the Crosstour straddles the line between SUV and wagon, I think it needs some hooks to secure grocery bags. It's a big trunk and things slide around back there. In the half-mile trip from the store to my driveway, a few eggs were crushed by a refill bottle of Windex.

Otherwise, I think the Crosstour is a decent car. But honestly, if I needed some extra utility over your typical sedan, I'd probably opt for a compact SUV.

Mark Takahashi, Associate Editor @ 14,759 miles

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