Meet the Editorial Team

Edmunds Editors

Brent Romans

Brent Romans, Senior Editor
I've been evaluating vehicles at Edmunds for more than a decade. Above all, I want to help you find the vehicle that best fits your needs and desires.

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Mark Takahashi

Mark Takahashi, Senior Writer
I evaluate and review vehicles. Before joining Edmunds in 2008, I competed in amateur level open-wheel racing while working as an art director in automotive publishing and advertising.

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Carlos Lago

Carlos Lago, Staff Writer
I drive cars fast. So it's a good thing I'm responsible for finding out how quick cars can go, how short they can stop, and how hard they can corner.

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Travis Langness

Travis Langness, Staff Writer
I drive new cars every week by putting them through the crucible that is Los Angeles traffic. Then I write about it. Not bad for a lifelong car nut.

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Dan Frio

Dan Frio, Staff Writer
I have written about autos, mobile electronics, and things that make cars faster, louder and better for 15 years.


Cameron Rogers

Cameron Rogers, Staff Writer
My job is to conduct research, drive and write the vehicle reviews you see here every day. Occasionally they make me drive McLarens.


Will Kaufman

Will Kaufman, Associate Staff Writer
Professional writer and amateur enthusiast. Now I write car news and reviews, proving dreams do come true.


Tips & Advice

Carroll Lachnit

Carroll Lachnit, Director, Consumer Content
I work with our research editors to develop content that makes car shopping easier. Lover of German cars, heated seats and road trips.


Ron Montoya

Ron Montoya, Senior Consumer Advice Editor
I write articles that help people navigate the car-buying process. I've also bought and sold many of the cars for Edmunds' long-term fleet.


Matt Jones

Matt Jones, Senior Consumer Advice Editor
My name is Matt, and I'm an ex-car salesman. Now I help explain the car biz to our readers and the media.


Vehicle Testing Team

Dan Edmunds

Dan Edmunds, Director of Vehicle Testing
A mechanical engineer by trade, I spent 16 years developing new cars for two automakers before coming to the Edmunds testing department.

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Jason Kavanagh

Jason Kavanagh, Senior Road Test Engineer
I believe nobody's first car should cost more than $500. True appreciation of modern cars stems from owning really, really bad, old ones.


Jonathan Elfalan

Jonathan Elfalan, Senior Road Test Editor
A lifelong obsession with cars led to an engineering degree. Now I get to play with cars every day. Hailing from Honolulu, I'm also predisposed to love surfing and poke.

Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt, Senior Manager, Vehicle Testing
I've been at Edmunds since 2006. If it needs testing, maintenance, damage repairs or just has to move from A to B, they call me. I'm a big fan of caller ID.

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Calvin Kim

Calvin Kim, Road Test Editor
Cars fascinate me. Driving and evaluating the products of engineers, planners and designers all around the world make me happy.


Rex Tokeshi-Torres

Rex Tokeshi-Torres, Vehicle Testing Technician
"Modify every car you own." That seems to be my motto. Equally obsessed with cars, motorsports, Subarus, Transformers G1 and photography.

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Kelly Hellwig

Kelly Hellwig, Manager, Content Production
I manage the writers' assignments, making sure all deadlines are met. I also manage to write a few long-term test-car updates along the way.

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Kathleen Clonts

Kathleen Clonts, Copy Chief
Word nerd incubated in Detroit. I make sure everything we write follows the rules of the road (pun intended, if you like it) and is clear.

Caroline Pardilla

Caroline Pardilla, Senior Copy Editor
Bad grammar and misspelled car names don't get past me. I've been cleaning up the car content at Edmunds since 2002, making sure typos don't go live.


Photo Team

Scott Jacobs

Scott Jacobs, Senior Manager, Photography Operations
I've worked in photography for more than 25 years, almost 20 here at Edmunds. I've had a fascination with cars ever since I got to ride in a Jaguar E-type when I was a little kid.


Kurt Niebuhr

Kurt Niebuhr, Photo Editor
I love good light, photography and cars. Good thing I work at Edmunds, huh? If it puts me behind a lens or in the driver's seat, I'm game.

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Sal Meda, Imagery Production Specialist
I make sure that our photo content looks amazing. Photoshop and cars everyday? No complaints here!


Social Media

Abigail Bassett

Abigail Bassett, Senior Director, Social Media and Video
Car dork, social media nerd, digital and video storyteller with a love of fast cars, big brands and smart content. Oh, and I have a thing for Volvo 245s.

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Laurel Carden

Laurel Carden, Social Media Manager
Auto-retail social media pro, passionate about playing a role in shoppers' quest for their perfect car and connecting audiences to solutions.



John Adolph

John Adolph, Senior Manager, Video Content Production
I grew up at the drag strip, then ran away to art school. I'd like to spend every day chasing light. Let's go fast and make it look pretty.

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Joe Martinez

Joe Martinez, Producer-Editor, Animation & Motion Graphics Design
Backed by 10-plus years of producing and editing for TV, web and film, I use my creativity and skill to help make compelling video content.

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Charlie Barkhorn

Charlie Barkhorn, Cinematographer
My job at Edmunds is all about finding or creating the best possible lighting/camera solutions for every car we shoot.

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Rich Kuras

Rich Kuras, Content Strategist
I create, develop, and produce video and video formats for our content, marketing and branded ad teams.


John Calderwood

John Calderwood, Editor & Post-Production Supervisor
I've been editing, producing, and occasionally appearing in Edmunds video content since 2011. An affinity for moving objects and moving pictures has made it a nice fit.


Strategy and Operations

Josh Sadlier

Josh Sadlier, Senior Manager, Content Strategy
I'm focused on making our rich automotive expertise ever more palpable, whether I'm optimizing existing content or shaping new platforms.

Bryn MacKinnon

Bryn MacKinnon, Manager, Content Operations
I've been at Edmunds since 2008. My job is to keep our editorial process efficient. And I fell in love with minivans long before I had kids.

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