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Meet the Editorial Team

See Edmunds' testing procedures that power our industry-leading car reviews.

Edmunds Editors

Alistair Weaver

Alistair Weaver, VP Editorial & Editor-in-Chief

I lead the Edmunds editorial team. I'm a committed car bore and amateur racer, and have held three Guinness World Records for stunt driving.

Jodi Tourkow

Jodi Tourkow, Senior Director, Written Content

I've been bringing stories to life over 20 years. Now, I make sure you get the best content to help you choose the right vehicle that fits your lifestyle.

Brent Romans

Brent Romans, Senior Manager, Written Content

I've been overseeing our new car reviews for more than a decade. Above all, I enjoy helping consumers find the vehicle that best fits their needs and desires.

Cameron Rogers

Cameron Rogers, Manager, News

My job is to conduct research, drive and write the vehicle reviews you see here every day. Occasionally they make me drive McLarens.

Ryan ZumMallen

Ryan ZumMallen, Sr. Reviews Editor

At Edmunds, It's my goal to sift through the noise and help buyers make an informed decision. I'm fascinated by the ways cars bring people together.

Keith Buglewicz

Keith Buglewicz, Managing Editor, CarMax

I head up an editorial team breaking new ground by providing in-depth reviews and information about used cars on our sister site, CarMax. I'm a lifelong enthusiast and career-long automotive journalist, and I feel passionate about helping car buyers and owners make the best vehicle-buying decisions.

Jake Sundstrom

Jake Sundstrom, Editor, CarMax

When I'm not writing about your next car, I'm waiting in long lines at theme parks or watching my favorite soccer team lose on the weekends. It's a living.

Tips & Advice

Ronald Montoya

Ronald Montoya, Senior Consumer Advice Editor & Content Strategy

I write articles that help people navigate the car-buying process. I've also bought and sold many of the cars for Edmunds' long-term fleet.

Vehicle Testing Team

Jonathan Elfalan

Jonathan Elfalan, Director, Vehicle Testing

From radar guns to GPS-driven data loggers, I've been pushing cars to their limits (for science!) since 2005. Today, I help manage Edmunds' testing dream team.

Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt, Senior Manager, Vehicle Testing Operations

I've been at Edmunds since 2006. If it needs testing, maintenance, damage repairs or just has to move from A to B, they call me. I'm a big fan of caller ID.

Kurt Niebuhr

Kurt Niebuhr, Sr. Vehicle Test Editor

I'm involved with performance testing, vehicle evaluation and writing reviews. Fourteen-year-old me would be pretty stoked — current me is pretty stoked, too.

Rex Tokeshi-Torres

Rex Tokeshi-Torres, Associate Manager, Vehicle Testing and Operations

"Modify every car you own." That seems to be my motto. Equally obsessed with cars, motorsports, Subarus, Transformers G1 and photography.

Reese Counts

Reese Counts, Vehicle Testing Editor

I've spent my entire life around cars. I even started at Edmunds as an intern before joining the Vehicle Testing team. I'm still geeked to be here.


Kathleen Clonts

Kathleen Clonts, Copy Chief

It's my job to make sure everything we write is clear, correct and helpful to car shoppers. I can handle most cars, but it's impossible to control my shih tzu.

Bryn MacKinnon

Bryn MacKinnon, Manager, Editorial Production

I help bring our editorial voice and expertise to key projects at Edmunds and beyond. And I fell in love with minivans long before I had kids. At Edmunds since 2008.

Carrie Kim

Carrie Kim, Creative Services Project Manager

I love to help people find the right car. No matter if I'm cruising with the family or chasing down my next breakfast burrito, I'm (not so) silently judging car infotainment systems, interior color palettes, and dashboard finishes all along the way.

Social Media

Andy White

Andy White, Sr. Director, Social Media

My goal is to connect as many people to Edmunds' great content as socially possible. My personal goal is finding new ways to avoid freeway traffic in Los Angeles.

Ryan Greger

Ryan Greger, Social Media Content Strategist

Cars have always been a huge passion of mine, and I strive to bring that energy into our social media strategy with bespoke, engaging content. I grew up reading Edmunds, so it's awesome to be working here.

Video and Photo

Brendan Thomas

Brendan Thomas, Senior Director, Video Content

My whole career has been content creation. From cooking to cars and TV to online, there's always a story to tell.

John Adolph

John Adolph, Supervising Producer

I grew up at the drag strip, then ran away to art school. I'd like to spend every day chasing light. Let's go fast and make it look pretty.

Scott Jacobs

Scott Jacobs, Supervising Producer, Content Special Projects

I've worked in photography for more than 25 years, almost 20 here at Edmunds. I've had a fascination with cars ever since I got to ride in a Jaguar E-type when I was a little kid.

Charlie Barkhorn

Charlie Barkhorn, Cinematographer

My job at Edmunds is all about finding or creating the best possible lighting/camera solutions for every car we shoot.

Amy Silliman

Amy Silliman, Sr. Production Manager

I've been a producer for over 10 years and traveled the world making everything from music videos to web series. Now I help bring to life whatever our creatives dream up.

Shannon Lane

Shannon Lane, Production Manager

From covering breaking news to the World Series and now the automotive world, I've spent the last decade in production. Now, it's my job to help take the story off the page and onto the track, off-road and everywhere between.

Dan Rabins

Dan Rabins, Producer-Editor

I believe in always honing your craft. Through every step of the post-production process, I strive to innovate engaging and informative video content.

Doug Tyler

Doug Tyler, Sr. Video Editor & Manager Post Production

In a past life, I told tall tales around a fire. Today, I produce and edit our exciting yet informative videos. Guess I will forever be a storyteller.

David Lucio

David Lucio, Post Production Coordinator

I have experience in video from YouTube to broadcast television, and working in post production has been a dream come true. I love collaborating on a project and seeing it come to life on screen.

Cindy Mendoza

Cindy Mendoza, Production Coordinator

As an L.A. native, I've always gravitated to video production. And I've done it all, from TV to music videos to red carpet events. I now help create awesome car videos with awesome people!

Casey Goode

Casey Goode, Senior Producer

I've been honing my craft as a producer and director for more than a decade. From working at a local camera rental house to operating a camera on a Stan Lee documentary and running a studio at Facebook LA, I've seen it all.

Lauren McCay

Lauren McCay, Host and Field Producer

My job is to deliver and bring you all there is to know about our latest fleet on camera. I take our team's research and write creative scripts to deliver that information to you.

Mark Kaercher

Mark Kaercher, Associate Producer

I've always been interested in directing and the filmmaking process. At Edmunds, my goal is to make compelling commercial-grade content.

Luke Huisman

Luke Huisman, Associate Video Editor

While my passion has always been automotive, my experience has led me from touring the country working with music industry legends to a stint with professional wrestling. Whether I'm wrenching on a car or wrenching on a video, I always maintain a positive attitude and I’m always willing to support the team.

Anders Doi Minor

Anders Doi Minor, Video Production Assistant

I'm all about that set life. I support the Edmunds team in translating our projects from script to video.


Josh Sadlier

Josh Sadlier, Director, Content Strategy

I'm focused on making our rich automotive expertise ever more palpable, whether I'm optimizing existing content or shaping new platforms.

Will Kaufman

Will Kaufman, Senior Writer and Content Strategist, CarMax

It's my job to combine Edmunds' expertise with CarMax know-how to help you make a confident decision when you're shopping for your next used car.

Industry & Consumer Insights

Jessica Caldwell

Jessica Caldwell, Executive Director, Insights

As the executive director of insights at Edmunds, my team and I are responsible for leveraging millions of vehicle transactions and Edmunds web behavioral data to help make sense of the retail automotive landscape.

Ivan Drury

Ivan Drury, Senior Manager, Insights

As the senior manager of insights at Edmunds, I examine trends in the automotive industry, lend my expertise on vehicle pricing and provide insights for Edmunds' monthly sales forecasts.