B16 Service - 2010 Honda Crosstour Long-Term Road Test

2010 Honda Crosstour Long-Term Road Test

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2010 Honda Crosstour: B16 Service

November 15, 2010

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Our long-term 2010 Honda Crosstour has been hounding us for a B16 service. We took it in last week at just over 15K miles. The "B" indicates minor service, the "1" calls for tire rotation, and the "6" is requesting replacement of the rear differential fluid. (B16 -- that sounds like some highway in Europe, or an airport runway.)

The car asked for a rear diff oil change, not the service guy. But we asked Honda Motor why the rear diff fluid needs to be replaced at only 15K, which seems to be a short interval. They responded that the first change is for the break-in period. Honda feels that metal particles from break-in wear and manufacturing residue needs to be removed on that first change. The rear diff fluid is then changed every 30K miles, thereafter.

The service was done in only a few hours without an appointment. The total bill was a bit high at $296, but not out of line for a 15K service.

Need I remind you that our office is located in lovely, but dreadfully expensive Santa Monica, CA?

Albert Austria, Senior Engineer @ 15,200 miles

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