ACE Body Structure & Pedestrian Injury - 2010 Honda Crosstour Long-Term Road Test

2010 Honda Crosstour Long-Term Road Test

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2010 Honda Crosstour: ACE Body Structure & Pedestrian Injury

May 27, 2010

Honda Crosstour ACE body structure.jpg

Our long-term 2010 Honda Crosstour's unibody design has what they have trademarked as ACE body structure (Advanced Compatibility Engineering). Like many modern unibody structures, the Crosstour's is designed to reduce forces transferred through the passenger compartment. This is accomplished via CAD modeling, FEA (finite element analysis), and physical destructive testing.

Honda says that their ACE structure differs from others in that it "channels frontal crash energy to both upper and lower structural elements, including the floor frame rails, side sills, and A-pillars." These paths distribute the frontal impact forces through a greater percentage of the vehicle's structure, and away from the passenger compartment, limiting cabin deformation.

Also, Honda is big on reducing vehicle/pedestrian injuries, and includes these features to increase pedestrian survival in the event of vehicle contact:

  • Hood is designed to deform if contact is made with either an adult or a child pedestrian
  • Sufficient clearance exists between the hood and hard engine parts
  • Windshield base has a unique section structure for efficient impact energy absorption
  • Energy-absorbing fender mounts and supports
  • Deformable windshield wiper pivots
  • Deformable hood hinge

My friend who works in Honda's vehicle safety regulations department said there's a great number of pedestrian deaths that occur in emerging nations (dirt roads) and these technologies mitigate that.

But is this the best solution? Perhaps the funds would be better spent on traffic control devices such as stop signs and trafffic signals (where there are none), and marked crosswalks.

Of course this costs big money, so the burden is shifted to carmakers yet again.

Albert Austria, Senior Engineer @ 6,250 miles

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