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tyfoon, 03/11/2002
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Best SUV for the money. Fastest SUV ever made.

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I have owned 2 Typhoons

Cam, 04/24/2017
Turbo 2dr SUV AWD
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I have owed (2) of them, a 1992 and 1993 and I am always looking to buy another. The 1993 version is slightly better is small various ways. These trucks require an owner who will stay on top of the maintenance and have some mechanical savvy. Not the most reliable vehicle. Very fast off the line and excel in rainy conditions. I love the leather seats and leather steering wheel. Very important to note that it is a limited edition so if you damage the plastic cladding (front/rear bumper and side-skirts) it will be very difficult to replace. On a positive note, there is a cult following for these trucks and they hold value. At the end of the day, if you maintain the truck properly and don't mind a little extra repairs, some rattling noise in the cabin, this is a super fun truck, to drive and still turns heads. No towing capability but this is fast little city truck that can beat almost any car from stoplight to stoplight and still have room for a couple kids and groceries.

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Wanted one, got one. Love it!

92 BLKTY, 03/19/2009
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In '92 couldn't afford it, got an S-15 SLE Jimmy instead. In '97 missed the opportunity, to get a bank repo. In '09 I found one, with under 60K and running sweet. Everything I've read about this vehicle is true. It launches itself forward and it's a rocket when compared to the '92 Jimmy, same engine but w/o that Mitsu turbo. It not only looks good it feels good, those leather seats are so comfortable and I've also always wanted a console floor shift, no disappointment here. I let my friend drive it back to work after we dropped off the Jimmy. He was aw-struck at the power and speed, and he's owned a few performance cars in his time, Corvettes, Camaros, El Caminos, etc. Get one!

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Sweet Car

Ryan111, 10/14/2002
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Very fast, powerful, rare vehicle. Coolest looking car I've owned and deceiving extremely quick acceleratio

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Sweet Ride

Redhawk110, 05/24/2006
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I purchased my '92 Typhoon about a year ago. The vehicle is 14 years old and the rest of the SUVs are just starting to catch up. I have 124,000 miles on mine and the engine, turbo and tranny still run like new. I have one small leak and it certainly doesn't effect performance. This SUV is the ultimate sleeper. The mileage is painful, but then again that's a more than fair exchange for the performance!

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Asmo Smith, 02/15/2009
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Fast, Somewhat reliable, needs spark plugs at least every 12k. Most parts are obsolete or cost a fortune, or both. Fast fun, if you have lots of time to maintain it.

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Sport Car In Disguise

W1ck3d, 09/11/2008
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The Typhoon is fun to drive and deceptively fast. It can run head to head with a same-year Vette and this thing is definitely not a fiberglass sports car. It launches like a rocket and sticks to the road like glue. It may not be the fastest production SUV anymore, but that's OK when you take into account that it took 15-16 years for the rest of the automotive world to catch up. If you have the opportunity to buy or even drive one, don't pass it up. They are becoming increasingly rare and a definite collectible. I will leave you with this: I was looking for a turbo import, LS1 Trans-Am/Camaro, C4/C5 Vette, and I adamantly refused to buy a truck/SUV and now I couldn't be happier.

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sick little ride

gat, 10/23/2002
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This has been the best auto i have ever owned. It is the best pullen up to kids in there trans ams or z28s and blowin them off the roadthey usually have a funny look on there face when i beat them they think its a blazer. It is so rare people dont evan know what they are anymore.If you find one you better buy it.

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best s.u.v ever made

quicksuv, 05/31/2004
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This is the quickest s.u.v ever produced and its at the same time extremely confortable. this thing does 0-60mph is 5 secs enough to blow away new sport cars

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