2011 Ford Mustang Long-Term Road Test - Cargo Space

2011 Ford Mustang Long-Term Road Test

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2011 Ford Mustang GT 5.0: Storage Space

February 28, 2012

Mustang door pocket.jpg

I'm a big fan of our long-term Mustang GT 5.0. Well, I'm a big fan of driving it, anyway.

I will admit to getting a bit bothered by the lack of interior storage space when I have the Mustang over a weekend, though. I've already covered the trunk hampered by the subwoofer. No need to discuss that any further.

It's things like the tiny, near-useless door pockets, which can barely fit a notebook or a wallet, that annoy me.

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2011 Ford Mustang GT: Bass, not Big Berthas

February 16, 2012

mustang trunk golf].jpg

As you probably know by now, our Mustang GT has the optional 1,000-watt Shaker audio upgrade that includes a massive double subwoofer box in the trunk. It takes up a fair amount of trunk space, and effectively limits the width of the trunk by about 14 inches.

For the golfers out there, the Shaker means that you can't just plop your bag in in a space-efficient, straight width-wise fashion as the longer clubs won't clear the boom box. Although I could've just angled the bag in, I wanted to illustrate the point.

And if that Shaker option added to the listening experience, the compromised cargo space might be worth it for some folks. But we're not too impressed with the system as we've noted a few times...

John DiPietro, Automotive Editor @ 20,955 miles

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2011 Ford Mustang GT 5.0: Will The Bike Fit?

November 14, 2011

Mustang bike lead shot.jpg

Senior Editor Josh Jacquot called me late one night this past weekend: "Want to go riding tomorrow?"he asked. I was obviously a last-minute replacement for someone else who must've bailed. "Sure, why not,"I said, wondering right after I hung up if my mountain bike would actually fit into the Mustang GT.

I decided I'd wait until the morning to find out. Why do tonight what I can put off until tomorrow, right? I mean, the Mustang's rear seats fold down, so how hard could it be?

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2011 Ford Mustang GT: Skimpy Stowage

July 07, 2011

mustang bin.jpg

I'll admit it -- I love this car and despite being a long-time F-body enthusiast ('69 Firebird convertible, '79 Trans Am, '89 GTA) I'd buy a new Mustang GT in a heartbeat were I in the market. Still, although it wouldn't be a deal breaker for me, there's one thing that bugs me -- the lack of storage compartments in the cabin. There are the shallow door pockets, the cupholders and the covered center bin. That's it. No handy open cubbies around the console or built into the lower dash.

The small door pockets are good for a pack of Trident and maybe a Clif Bar each, this meant I usually stashed the cell phone and wallet in the cupholders. Well, except when they were being used. If you plan on using them and your 'stang has a manual gearbox, you best stay with the small sizes. Go "Grande"and you'll be elbowing the Starbucks like Kareem crashing the boards almost every time you grab a gear.

So even though it is located rather rearward, the console's deep, covered bin is the best place to put things. It seems as if the interior designers knew this -- unlike most of these compartments, the lid flips back far enough to remain open and thus keeps the contents easy to access.

John DiPietro, Automotive Editor @ 11,099 miles

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2011 Ford Mustang 5.0: Maximum Density

May 12, 2011

Full Trunk-1600.jpg

Ford quotes the volume of the Mustang's trunk at 13.4 cubic feet, but I doubt that accounts for the sub woofer that must eat up another 2 cu-ft. So, what you see here is practically everything our track-test day requires: weather station tripod, four scale pads and ramps, scale receiving unit, torque wrench, socket set, tool kit, tire pressure gauge, air compressor, two walkie-talkies, a 200-foot tape measure, jumper cables, four quarts of oil, two sets of optical timers, two VBox cases, fire extinguisher, ten "shortie"slalom cones, and a clip board. Not pictured because they wouldn't fit: the weather station housed in a mega Pelican case and the six tall cones.

Who said the Mustang's trunk is small? Not me.

Chief Road Test Editor, Chris Walton @ 7,777 miles

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2011 Ford Mustang GT 5.0: Golfer Alert

April 11, 2011

2011 Ford Mustang GT Shaker Sub.jpg

If you're a golfer, no doubt you watched South African Charl Schwartzel come out of nowhere to shoot a 66 on Sunday to win an exciting Masters golf tournament. But if you're a golfer that's also interested in a Mustang GT 5.0, you need to be aware.

Our 2011 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 is equipped with the optional Shaker 1000 audio system ($1295) which bumps out an impressive 1000W (must be peak power.) The Shaker 1000 has two door-mounted subwoofers and two additional 500W subs in the trunk.

But forget about fitting two sets of golf bags in there if you check off the Shaker 1000 option box: only one regular stand carry-bag will fit.

I need to be able to carry at least two golf bags in my car; it's a Go/No Go criterion for me.

And you? Is there something that must fit in your daily driver? (Yeah, I know: with Monticello it's the bike.)

Albert Austria, Senior VE Engineer @ 6,100 miles

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