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The Best 15 year old truck you can buy

asherr6, 09/02/2015
SLT 2dr Extended Cab SB
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This review is specific to the 4.7l v-8 in the extended cab base truck. First off the engine is absolutely bulletproof. I bought it with 62k miles in 2005, now 10 years later i have 170k miles and it still runs/drives so smoothly. Aside from tires and oil changes, I've had to replace are driver side tie rod end, water pump, number 7 fuel injector, front wheel bearing ($33 on amazon, it just slides on) and the two trans sensors that measure output speed (i think, they are side by side). all told most of labor i did my self but i've spent about $750.00 in the life of the truck. The alignment goes out once a year, (its probably a bushing) and the a/c, it has been out for about 3 years, not sure the cause but its not simply freon. This truck has taken 5 grown men from birmingham to ohio and illinois 4 times while pulling a large trailer. Its taken the same group numerous times to new orleans, tampa and south carolina. All I can say is it is still extremely reliable and if you have the opportunity to get a dakota with the 4.7, please do yourself a favor and jump on the opportunity. My wife is always asking when i'm going to buy a new truck and trade mine in (the paint is looking rough lol). I explain that I plan on my son who is 18 months, to drive it for is first car. I have all the confidence in the world, that with good maintenance and decent driving the truck will easily last another 15 years. Update** I still have the truck it’s pushing 190k still running strong. I picked up an 05 grand Cherokee with the same 4.7 as the Dakota. So I don’t drive my truck that often. The alignment is still annoying but no other issues. Great truck!!

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Comfort and Power

Great Ride, 02/13/2008
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I bought the 00 Dakota Quad cab with its 5.9L V8 in November of 2000, brandnew with 140 miles on the ODO. I've since put 60000m on the truck without any major issues. Heated sideview mirrors were replaced under warranty. Right side passanger widow regulator died and had to be replaced. Recent leak in the cooling system fixed with a hose replacement. Otherwise this truck has performed wonderfully for the past 8 years. I've pulled a boat, 5 people and the bed filled with camping gears over the pass with no problems. I've hauled 50 foot of fencing material, tons of gravel, you name it. This is the family truck to own. It's also stylish enough that wife and I drive it to the opera and ballet.

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2000 Dakota Quad Cab

marine64, 10/25/2007
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The 2000 Dakota Quad Cab with hard shell topper was just what I wanted. It handles well in all sorts of weather. The 4.7 ltr. engine has plenty of power and get up. Only gets about 15-16 mpg in town and may 18 highway. I put a duel exhaust system on her which boosted power a bit and gives it that big truck sound. I'll certainly buy another Dakota in a few years

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Good Truck

sean, 07/31/2008
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This has been a really great truck to have. I get about 25 MPG on the highway. I would advise not driving in the city as it chugs gas in crowded SoCal City roads. Ive hauled 1 trailer and didn't even notice any difficulty with the V-6. I run an aftermarket exhaust and people think I have a V-8 and want to race.

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Needs Improvements

Barnell, 06/17/2008
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I bought my 2000 Dodge Dakota Sport 3.9L on October 12th 2007. The first two to two and a half months it was ok. Then I started noticing that the power steering would go out from time to time. My oil pressure would drop for no reason. Last, I noticed in the morning, when I would first start to drive it, it would get stuck in second gear and I would have to coast until third kicked in. Gas Mileage on this truck is HORRENDOUS. I'm not sure if it’s the quality of Dodge or if it was the owner before me, but I know I would probably not tell any one to buy this truck. But on the plus side, the body and style is awesome.

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Excellent Truck

Eric, 12/05/2010
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Bought my Dakota new in Nov. '00, 10 yrs later and it's still going strong. Absolutely the best truck I've ever owned. Been cross country 4 times and it's comfortable for the long trip. My only complaint is the mileage is lower then I wold like, but then again, I bought the big V8 for the power and reliability. It's been both, 114K miles, engines never been torn apart, religious maintanence, it's been driven hard and still looks, runs, drives like new. Recently passed Colo. emissions at near perfect levels, with a superchips tuner active at the time.

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Useful and Reliable

mrish, 03/22/2011
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I bought my 00' Dakota SLT 4.7 v8 4x4 brand new in 2000. It currently has 195k miles on it and runs great. Doesn't burn oil, doesn't smoke, and doesn't even have an oil leak. The only problems I 've had is 2x freeze plugs, 2x speed sensors, and one oxygen sensor. I've pulled a Kubota 4wd tractor, a Massey Ferguson, and pulled a fullsize truck on a trailer 300 miles. The 4WD has worked great and the limited slip rear diff. has got me out places that other 4x4's couldn't. I've taken care of it mechanically and used semi-synthetic oil every 5k miles. I would buy this truck all over again with question.

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Reliable, decent mileage

Gregg, 06/13/2008
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I bought my Dakota in November last year. Little would I know just how much I would enjoy the truck this winter with near record snowfall. It has been very reliable. Not one non-maintenance item needed for replacement. Only items replaced are the tires and the downstream O2 sensor. Other then that, not one issue. Gets about 18 mpg in the city. Can average in the low twenties with straight highway driving. Would definitely recommend this truck to someone who needs a small truck.

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zwzach, 02/03/2010
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I bought this truck because I was looking at trucks in its class like the Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger and Nissan Frontier. But nothing compares to this truck, my truck has the 4.7 v8 all I have to say is I am very impressed with the power and the styling of this truck it is a sweet ride. I did buy a cold air intake and a chip for this truck for $630.00 and i think it will unleash the real Dakota in side and should help with the fuel economy factor so anyways buy a dodge Dakota I really think you will love it just buy with a 4.7 or 5.9 i think you will enjoy it a bit more.

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The best truck i have ever owned.

Bill O, 03/10/2008
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This is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. The engine is very strong and it's great in the snow. Annual repair cost for me is under a $100. All I really do is change the oil, rotate the tires and give it a tune up every 4 years. The only big expense was I needed to do was put rotors and new brakes on the truck.

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