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SEbring 1999

John, 08/12/2006
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Auto was ok except for rims. During the time I have owned the car I had to replace 7 rims.

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LOVE the car, HATE the problems!!!

Amanda S, 08/29/2006
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I bought the car at 63,000 miles and it was 4 years old. It was alright for the first 1 1/2 years. Besides all of the wear and tear, I have had 3 transmission problems (never had to replace it, but have come close to it), the AC AND heating unit doesn't work (I have to put it on full blast for anything to come out...the first 3 settings produce NOTHING), and for the past YEAR there is this annoying beeping sound that is CONSTANT!!! It's the beep that occurs when a door is open. I have to put my radio up OVER it...4 auto technicians said they won't touch it! While the beeping is going, the locks are going crazy, and at random times, the car alarm sets off! This all started at about 85k miles.

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Don't Buy This Car "TROUBLE"

Sherrie, 11/09/2006
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this car does not have good pick up, the brakes are horrible and have to be changed frequently,my car is loosing coolant from the radiator but there are no leaks, cannot figure out why. i got a raw deal on the paint job, the clear coat came off within the first 2.5 yrs of owning this car,my transmission went out on me at under 100,000 miles, the tires are very expensive and wear out too soon for the price you have to pay. my outside door handle came off for no reason. this car was made with very cheap,unreliable parts. dealerships are not nice. i would not recommend this car to anyone. in fact i will go out of my way to let people know the very poor quality of vehicles Chrysler makes.

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a bit annoyed

angelasoup, 04/25/2009
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Alright so I have read numerous reviews on here and I am here to report i've had almost every problem on the list. The door dinging noise while the vehicle is in motion and the lights flash. The car alarm going off randomly. To fix that I had to alter the speed of my blinkers. The car takes in water underneath the floor when it rains. The transmission fluid suddenly started leaking out of nowhere and my tranny started acting up yesterday. Hope to god i can fix that! Everything falls out of the cup holders and onto the floor. The dome lights never come on when the door is opened. The trunk will stay open on it's own for 30 seconds then fall on my head. The inside is uncomfortable and boring

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It is fun to drive

kadelman, 02/15/2011
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The driving fun ends quickly because you cannot keep the thing on the road. The tires are crappy in winter, the rims are horrendously expensive and you can bend them with your bare hands so be careful when changing a flat. The hubs will not come out of the steering knuckles even though they are threaded. To fix the belt you have to go in through the wheel well. I am a fairly competent average joe. I know what I am doing for all these little things. However on this car, it is built in such an obnoxious way that even the little things take 3-5 days to fix.

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