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Used 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Coupe Consumer Reviews

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4.63 out of 5 stars

Awesome Car

niclin, 05/26/2012
2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 2dr Coupe
6 of 6 people found this review helpful

I'm 19 now bought this car after my '89 cutless rusted out. I saw this car at the dealership (in mid 2011) it caught my eye right away so I took for a test drive, liked it, bought it, took it home that same day. I've had it for almost a year right now and I have to say it's a very reliable car to have except the tranny is slipping at 188,000 miles, my driver side seat heater went out, had to replace the front right bearing, and the control arm. When I bought it it still had the original fuel pump so i had to replace that as well. It has great pick up for how heavy and big the car is which is pretty surprising, while getting good gas mileage about 22 city and 28 hwy.

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5 out of 5 stars

Pace Car Excellence

Ritomcsspc, 02/17/2004
2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 2dr Coupe
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I bought this 2000 mc pace car edition new and absolutely love it. The pace car package added to this vehicle was an excellent idea making a car that is one of a kind. There were only about 2222 of this type made for that year. I love the quality of this vehicle and have had no problems with the car. Even after owning it for over 3 years it still brings a thrill to drive it and still turns heads. I've been very pleased with the power and handling of this car and have taken it through the curves on the road at 80 or 90+ mph without flinching. I love the power but am glad to here Chevy is now offering a supercharged edition of the 3.8 liter engine.

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4.75 out of 5 stars

GM's best-kept secret

Erik Smith, 12/22/2009
2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 2dr Coupe
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As a car salesman, I sold these for years, and just purchased one for myself. The 2000-2007 Monte Carlo was a standout in the GM lineup, and used models are a bargain in SS trim (avoid base models). The car, unfortunately, was misunderstood -- witness the reviews here. It was really one of the last "personal luxury" cruisers -- stylish, extremely economical with the 3.8, roomy, and as powerful as it needed to be. A better performer than most 4-cyl cars, cheaper to operate than many, cheap to repair. If maintained, expect 200K-plus miles. Only drawback is the endemic GM midsize steering shaft problem, which can be solved cheaply ($5 or so) with DIY lubing. A wonderful car, a classic.

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5 out of 5 stars

best car

Ryopan, 08/22/2002
2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS 2dr Coupe
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I bought my 2000 Monte Carlo LS new in 2000. This is the best car I've ever owned. I put a lot of miles on it each year simply beacuse I love to drive it. It has been on two Cross Country trips from Texas to New York. The Monte Carlo is comfortable, reliable, fun to drive and just excellent all around. It is the best!

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5 out of 5 stars

I was looking for an Imapla

Open New Mexico Road, 09/24/2007
2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 2dr Coupe
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I was looking for an Impala, but the salesman introduced me and sold me on the sportier sibling, the Monte Carlo. 85% of the 114,000 miles are highway miles...good miles. The 3.8 engine is as strong as the day I bought, and except for two recalls, only had to replace the drivers' side power window toggle switch. Still gets good gas mileage, 30 mpg in the city. It was also comforting that I did not have to trade it in when I had to put two car seats, on teenager, and a wife into it. It actually had more seating space than my wifes S-10 Blazer. Has the original paint, no problems except for highway debris. I would love to buy a 2008, but going to keep the 2000 until she can't go no more

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