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A piece of a clunker

steve may, 11/22/2007
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This vehicle is a piece of junk. Had a $3200 transmission and manifold gasket repair, had to replace two sensors for the idle for $180 and also had to have this vehicle completely grounded again to fix the temp gauge/ac not working issue...$160 Rattles like crazy, handling stinks!

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Great Car

Hotwheels, 05/08/2003
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Best car on the road for the price. I have had other makes (camery) the Impala is far superior, I test drove the Impala because I was board one day. The next day I traded in my camery and never looked back. The Impala is Roomy, great mileage, many features, nice seats, great looks.

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Don't waste your money!

smcclain, 11/27/2007
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I bought this car new and have had nothing but problems with the wheel bearings, breaks, keyless entry, starter/ignition, cat converter (3x), turn signals, power window switch (2x), engine seals replaced (2x), fuel gauge, emergency flasher switch, low coolant sensor (2x), and the list could go on...

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Impala Hater, 01/16/2003
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We've had our Impala for 41,000 miles and I wish I had seen this site and others earlier. Our Impala already has had the AC Pump replaced and just recently the damn ignition cylinder locked on us!!!! There is no way that an ignition cylinder should go bad... ever... unless someone tried to break inot the car. GM needs to have a better warranty plan to cover parts and labor on items that really shouldn't break down. If something else happens to us, I think I'll take the advise of one of the angry people here and look up the Ohio Lemon Laws. Bottom line...if you get a Chevy, GET THE EXTENDED WARRANTY!!! Or better yet, get a Toyota or Honda!

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I like it.... Impala LS 3.8L

texasdriver, 01/15/2003
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I drive a lot of miles... I'm retiring my Suburban with 327K miles from daily use. So when I went looking for vehicles, SUV's were first on the list. With the current political situation and the potential for rising gas prices, I looked at the Impala. Primarily for fuel mileage, but also because it has a roomy interior. I purchased this car with 37.4K miles on it. I'm averaging 28+ mpg, at about a 70/30 highway/city mix. There is no indication of the car's age in performance, appearance, or operation. It's a very comfortable cruiser with ample room for 5 adults. The trunk is huge. I miss my Sub, but not at the gas pump.

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