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Dodge Challenger Black Ghost vs. Ford Mustang Shelby GT500: American Muscle Drag Race!

Two of the most powerful American cars ever made go head-to-head

Ford Shelby GT500 vs. Dodge Challenger Black Ghost group shot
  • The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 and Dodge Challenger Black Ghost go head-to-head in a new U-Drag.
  • You know U-Drags by now. It's our unique format that incorporates a straight-line drag, hard braking, cornering, and a rolling start all into one race.
  • Our contenders' 16 cylinders combine for nearly 1,600 horsepower — watch the video to see it all play out.

It's an old-fashioned American muscle matchup in our latest episode of U-Drags. Well, not that old-fashioned. The Dodge Challenger Black Ghost and the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 represent the pinnacle of supercharged performance from their respective brands.

That's right, we've thrown two superchargers, 16 cylinders, 1,567 horsepower and 1,332 lb-ft of torque together for what might be our most star-spangled U-Drags matchup so far. So, who will take the checkered flag? With so much power on tap, the Black Ghost — one of only 300 Last Call models — would seem to have the edge on Edmunds' own long-term GT500, which "only" has 760 ponies. On the other hand, maybe the Dodge won't manage to get all 807 of its horses to the ground, opening the door for the Blue Oval. To find out for sure, you'll just have to check out the video here.

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Edmunds says

So who's going to win? It's anyone's game, but our money's on the American with the supercharged V8.