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This Is (Practically) the New Dodge Charger

Dodge has shown what its close-to-production Charger replacement really looks like

Dodge Charger Daytona SRT concept front
  • The unnamed Dodge Charger replacement stays remarkably close to the Daytona concept's design ethos.
  • Dodge says the car will be here in "late 2024."
  • It still isn't clear what's powering the car.

Dodge has shown what certainly looks like the next-generation Charger. Or at the very least, a closer-to-production version of the Daytona SRT Concept. A handful of images of the new coupe were shared on Dodge’s social media channels with the caption “Pre-production model shown. Available late 2024.” It’s a slight update on the brand’s release timeline for the as-yet-unnamed new model, rumored to offer electric and internal combustion drivetrains.

Dodge has preserved the looks of last year’s Charger Daytona SRT Concept remarkably well, right down to the low, wide face and lighting arrangement. The only meaningful difference is a refined chin spoiler and larger mirrors. The hood bears the same power dome as the concept, and cameras in front of the rearview mirror tell us the car will have some variety of driver assistance programs. The wheels also bear a different shape.

Around back, the vehicle is shown with a fuel filler cap, which can just as easily be a charging port cover. Again, the looks are remarkably similar to the concept, though the rear of the car as a whole sits higher. Notably, there are no exhaust pipes (or at least any visible ones) near the diffuser. However, it does feature a badge on the bumper that reads “Daytona.” It’s hard to say if this is a trim level or the model’s official name, and this will likely be the first of many teasers for the new vehicle between now and its late 2024 release date.

Dodge Charger Daytona SRT concept front

Edmunds says

Dodge will likely continue to rev up its PR engine ahead of the new Charger’s release. We’re hoping that the automaker will soon offer clarity on what exactly will power the vehicle.