This 2021 Ford Bronco Concept Has Enough Gear to Make an Instagram Influencer Cry

Ford's answer to the inevitable question, "What would you add to your Bronco?"

2021 Bronco Overland concept - Front 3/4

  • Ford loads up on accessories with its 2021 Bronco Overland concept
  • Based on the 2021 Bronco Badlands trim level
  • Unveiled at the Bronco Super Celebration East in Townsend, Tennessee

If you're not familiar with overlanding, it's a leisure pursuit involving exploration and camping off the beaten path — and also a very popular hashtag. Coined in Australia to describe the process of moving livestock across open land, the term has lately become a darling of the Instagram crowd who flaunt their overdressed off-roaders for Internet points.

2021 Bronco Overland concept - Rear 3/4

That's where the Bronco Overland concept comes in. Keen to harness this influencer energy, Ford started with the Badlands variant of the new Bronco and threw the proverbial kitchen sink at it. With 2021 Ford Bronco production still a ways off, the Bronco Overland concept aims to showcase the platform's potential and drive interest higher. Like it wasn't high enough already.

A Lifestyle Catalog Centerfold

2021 Bronco Overland concept - Cargo

There's no shortage of companies that want to get on the Bronco train before it's even left the station, but Ford chose the cream of the crop for this exercise. Using the well-equipped Badlands trim level as a canvas, the Bronco folks added 35-inch BF Goodrich tires on 17-inch Fifteen52 wheels for a nice stance and an easy increase in ride height. Up front is a special Ford Performance steel bumper fitted with a WARN winch.

2021 Bronco Overland concept - Rear 3/4

No self-respecting overlander sleeps on the ground, so up top there's a two-person Yakima roof tent and enough Rigid lights to obscure the stars. Inside, there's an ARB refrigerator, a cooking kit, a stove and slide-out shelves, as well as a table and chairs to tie your outdoor dining space together. And yeah, this concept actually exists — Ford brought it to the Bronco Super Celebration East in Tennessee last week.

Edmunds Says

2021 Bronco Overland concept - Cargo

Seeing a 2021 Bronco kitted up with some great-looking overlanding gear is getting our credit card all hot and bothered. We'd already started planning our Bronco-based adventures, so the Bronco Overland concept is sorta helpful not-helpful. Can you start building this thing already, Ford? Keep it locked on our 2021 Ford Bronco page for the latest on the new Bronco's path to production.

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