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The Acura Integra Type S Will Make 320 HP, Outgunning the CTR

Acura finally doing its own thing?

2024 Acura Integra Type S exterior detail shot
  • The new Integra Type S will make 320 horsepower.
  • That's 5 more hp than the current Civic Type R.
  • Acura also says this gives the Type S a class-leading power-to-weight ratio.

The Honda Civic Type R is a superlative hot hatch and it casts a perilously long shadow. Acura knows this full well, and in order to make sure it finds a way to outdo the coming Acura Type S's corporate cousin, Acura has announced that the new Integra Type S will make 320 horsepower. For those counting, that's 5 ponies more than the Civic Type R.

We also got a few other details about the Integra Type S. It will make the same 310 lb-ft of torque as the Civic does. It also shares the same 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that's found under the hood of the Civic. The similarities don't end there either. The Type S will also come exclusively with a six-speed manual transmission — just like the Civic Type R.

2024 Acura Integra Type S exterior detail shot

Nitty gritty details like changes to the suspension setup, braking systems, and other hardware tweaks will have to wait. The only other piece of info we get from Acura right now is that the Integra Type S will also feature a class-leading power-to-weight ration. That means it will have to best competitors like the Audi S3 and Mercedes-AMG CLA 35.

Acura says it will unveil full details about the Type S (along with some more well-lit photography) next month before this year's Long Beach Grand Prix. The date for the race is Sunday, April 16, so expect a more complete picture of the Type S to be painted that weekend.

Edmunds says

Even with full info coming next month, we really won't know if that 5-horsepower bump is going to be enough to dethrone the Civic Type R. We'll decide on that once we drive it.