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Tesla Model 3 Performance: Everything We Know

Will this be the most powerful Model 3 to date?

2024 Tesla Model 3
  • A performance Tesla Model 3 is coming.
  • It will probably be the most powerful Model 3 to date.
  • Expect new driving modes, slightly different styling and an optional track pack.

We knew Performance wasn't a one-off trim level for Tesla because it's already been applied to both the Model S and the Model X. Now, what looks to be a Tesla Model 3 Performance has been spotted in the wild. When is it coming? What will the performance treatment look like? How much power will it have? Tesla hasn't said, but here's what we know right now.

Horsepower, 0-60 and range

While Tesla remains cagey about its cars' horsepower numbers, some publications put the current dual-motor Model 3 at around 390 horsepower and 370 lb-ft of torque. We expect the Model 3 performance version to retain the two-motor configuration and pull from the same 85-ish-kWh battery pack, as there likely isn't enough room to package a third motor (and the associated addenda needed to keep it cool) or a larger battery in the Model 3's compact frame.

That's okay, though, as Tesla can likely pump up the horsepower without having to add a third motor (as it did in the Model S Plaid, for example). We expect this Model 3 to have somewhere in the neighborhood of 550 horsepower and that same number in torque. It's a nice round figure that would easily clear its closest current rival, the BMW i4 M50.

To that end, this Model 3 may also pack other changes for better performance. Different suspension tuning, more performance-oriented tires, new wheels and perhaps even a track pack (that adds a more robust braking package and a higher top speed) are all on the table.

2024 Tesla Model 3 interior

As a result of the extra oomph, we expect the 0-to-60-mph time to dip significantly. The current dual-motor car will do that sprint in 4.2 seconds, but with so much more power on tap we expect the Plaid to dip well into the low-3-second range.

Driving range will likely take a hit from the dual-motor's current 341-mile Tesla estimate, but not by too much. A 10% dip in overall range is likely as much as it will fall, putting the Model 3's range at just over 300 miles. As evidence for this estimate, we can turn to the Model S. The standard Model S gets 405 miles of range per Tesla while the Plaid's range is rated at 359 miles — just over 10% less.

New looks, new seats?

The video leak of this Model 3 Performance suggests it will also look significantly different to the standard Model 3. The regular Model 3 recently received a major overhaul that gave it new looks and a freshened-up interior space. The Performance will build on this facelift, with a new front bumper with a deeper chin and a front splitter, a bigger rear diffuser and a lip spoiler on the trunk lid.

As for the interior, don't expect major changes. A report from Electrek showed us what new performance-oriented seats for this model could look like, but these are likely reserved for the bigger Model S. We won't rule out the possibility that these could be an optional extra fitted to the Model 3.


How much will it cost? Again, we can look to the Model S for clues. Right now the Model S Plaid is $15,000 more than a standard Model S — a bump of about 20%. Factoring in this price premium to the Model 3 Dual Motor, which costs $49,380, it's likely that a Model 3 Performance will start at just under $60,000. Optional extras like new seats and a track pack will likely be able to push the price nearer the $70,000 range, however.

Edmunds says

While this is mosly speculation right now, the Model S has already given us an idea of Tesla's Performance blueprint. We're excited to see what Tesla has in store for its hotter Model 3.