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Tesla Model 3 Breaks Through the Noise as the Edmunds Top Rated EV for 2022

Model 3 clinches the win for third year in a row

Forget all the noise surrounding the Tesla Model 3. Put aside the Elon Musk tweetstorms, Sentry Mode remote surveillance cameras, and the ability to play games using the center touchscreen while the vehicle is in motion. We've found that the Model 3's driving experience is where it really shines, elevating the controversial sedan above the rest of the pack to become the Edmunds Top Rated EV for 2022.

As you'd expect of a vehicle crowned Edmunds Top Rated EV three years in a row, there's a lot to like about the Model 3. It's quite spacious inside, there's a tremendous amount of cargo room and the ride is quite comfortable. The Model 3's fit, finish and choice of interior materials have also been on an upswing of late, and this most affordable Tesla now more closely matches the luxury standard that customers expect from the brand.

But it's the Model 3's performance that takes center stage here. This compact sedan offers an undeniably appealing blend of good old-fashioned sharp handling and unexpectedly rapid acceleration. Even the most modestly powered version is good for a 0-60 mph time of 5.3 seconds — half a second quicker than the king of the hot hatches, the Volkswagen Golf GTI. The acceleration of the aptly named Model 3 Performance (3.3 seconds from a standstill to 60 mph, according to Edmunds' testing) is mind-bending. Accessing Tesla's growing Supercharger network is another tangible plus, even though you won't need to very often — the Model 3 can travel up to 353 miles on a single charge.

Edmunds says

Look, we get a kick out of the Model 3's flashy tricks and features as much as anyone. But Tesla got the basics right, too, and as a result, the Model 3 is once again the Edmunds Top Rated EV. To see all of this year's winners, head over to the Edmunds Top Rated 2022 awards.

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