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Porsche Unwraps New Turbo-Exclusive Crest

Gray is the new gold in the Turbo lineup

Porsche's new Turbonite metallic crest
  • Porsche announced today the launch of a variant on its iconic logo specific to Turbo models.
  • The new crest will first appear on the 2024 Panamera this month.
  • Dubbed "Turbonite," the metallic gray hue will stand in for the gold accents on the original crest.

Porsche added a twist to its iconic logo: A Turbo-exclusive crest with a bespoke gray theme will debut on the new Panamera, scheduled to debut on November 24.

Officially named "Turbonite," the metallic gray hue will replace the gold accents on the typical crest. Turbonite will be the star color on all Turbo models, appearing on some controls as well as trim strips and belt straps. For black interior themes, the Turbonite color will appear as contrast stitching for the seats, door panels, floor mats and instrument panel.

Porsche's new crest exclusive to Turbo models

First appearing on the steering wheel of the Porsche 356 in 1952, the German brand’s emblem is immediately recognizable with red, black and gold enamel, a black silhouette of a horse, and the words “Stuttgart” and “Porsche” emblazoned across the front.

In June of this year, the design team refreshed the rearing horse, enhanced the background with a three-dimensional honeycomb pattern, and mellowed the gold in the iconic symbol for a subtle but distinctive effect that Porsche fanatics will spot quickly.

Porsche crest lineup

Michael Mauer, vice president of style for the brand, says “Turbo” is synonymous with Porsche’s top models and “is now more or less a brand of its own.” And this move will create a consistent look for all Turbo models across the board.

“We now want to make the Turbo even more visible, and differentiate it more markedly from other derivatives such as the GTS,” Mauer explains.

Porsche says the new accent color may be integrated into inlays in the front fascia, the spokes, or the wheel aeroblades in the future, depending on the model. With this update, Porsche moves to differentiate its Turbo lineup, setting it up for even more distinctive branding going forward.

Edmunds says

Apparently, metallic gray means "fast cars" at Porsche. From a branding perspective, it's a great idea.