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Apple Maps Now Supports EV Route Planning in Taycans

There is some deep integration of car and phone here

2022 Porsche Taycan GTS Sport Turismo picture
  • Apple Maps now supports EV route planning in Porsche Taycans.
  • It takes into consideration a number of factors to help keep you topped up.
  • It can also automatically make suggestions based on state of charge and your current route.

Apple Maps is a pretty handy tool, especially in modern EVs (nearly all of which support Apple CarPlay). It already does a pretty good job of helping you find electric car charging stations should you ask Maps to search for them. But Porsche joined forces with Apple to take things a step further with a new feature called Apple Maps EV routing for the Taycan.

The new EV routing feature can now, as the name suggests, plan a route for you that will take into account the Taycan's current state of charge and suggest charging stops along the way. While other apps have offered similar route planning for a while now, this is the first time Porsche has integrated it directly into Apple Maps in CarPlay. Before this new integration, Taycan drivers had to rely on the Porsche Charging Planner to get the same functionality, but owners asked Porsche for the flexibility to do everything via CarPlay, and with Apple's help, Porsche delivered.

Porsche Apple CarPlay EV Routing feature on Taycan display

EV routing uses real-time info like your speed, state of charge, and even predicted elevation changes along your route to determine when you'll need to stop and charge up. Should you drive right on through the recommended stop to a point where you battery is critically low, EV routing will offer you a route to the closest compatible charger. While the Taycan's infotainment offered these features, it's nice that Apple and Porsche have worked together to integrate them into CarPlay, which is easy to use and navigate. All you have to do to start using the feature is follow a few steps in the My Porsche App and in Apple Maps and you're ready to roll.

Edmunds says

Hopefully other companies adopt this handy EV feature soon, too.