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Porsche Reveals New Million-Dollar 911 GT3 R Rennsport and It's Ridiculous

Makes a GT3 RS look quaint

Porsche 911 GT3 R Rennsport front 3/4
  • There's a new Porsche 911, and it's a million-dollar track only monster.
  • The 911 GT3 R Rennsport is based on the standard GT3 R.
  • It makes more power, has more aero, and only 77 will be made.

At the moment Porsche sells 26 different versions of the road-going 911 (there was a 27th, but the 911 Sport Classic is no longer available as a new car). But that's not how deep the rabbit hole goes, and there are a number of track-only versions like the 911 RSR, the GT3 R, and now a new version dubbed the 911 GT3 R Rennsport, perhaps not surprisingly revealed at Rennsport Reunion 7 at Laguna Seca raceway in California. It's a customer racing car made for track days, and that means whatever rules and regulations restrict the regular GT3 R's potential don't apply to the Rennsport.

Rennsport is the German word for racing, so what this new 911 variant is built for won't come as a surprise. The GT3 R Rennsport is a very differnt beast to the GT3 R on which it's loosely based. In fact, the hood and roof are the only body panels carried over from the "standard" GT3 R. The rest is all-new, and it's designed to outperform its non-Rennsport sibling. The air intakes up front have been reprofiled compared to those on the GT3 R, as have the outlet ducts that vent hot air from the front wheel arches. You might have also noticed it lacks exterior mirrors, as cameras on the Rennsport's fenders feed the info to screens inside the cockpit.

Porsche 911 GT3 R Rennsport rear 3/4

You might have also noticed that wing. It dominates the rear half of the car, and Porsche says the wing requires two additional vertical supports to compensate for how much downforce it generates. There's no grilles around the back, which have been ditched to save weight. A super thin strip of LEDs now incorporates the Porsche lettering on the back. (It probably doesn't add much weight back in and it'll look darn cool at night.)

The flat-six engine that's normally found in the GT3 R is typically restricted by the FIA's rules around what's called the "balance of performance." You don't need to know anything about those set of rules save for one thing — it holds the GT3's motor back from reaching its full potential. Not so in the Rennsport. Here it makes up to 611 horsepower, a significant bump from the standard car's 557 max hp. The engine has also been desgined to run on e-fuels (specficially E25), which Porsche says "make near carbon-neutral operation possible in the future." Of course, the engine can also be run on conventional fuels.

Power is delivered to the rear wheels only via a six-speed constant-mesh automatic gearbox (with shift paddles on the steering wheel) that's been only slightly modified from the GT3 R. The center-mounted exhaust can either be straight through with no mufflers or have a silencer fitted for tracks with noise limits.

Porsche 911 GT3 R Rennsport interior

Since this is a racing car, stopping and gripping happen to be even more important than the engine. Braking is handled by aluminum monobloc discs from AP Racing that feature brake pads with aluminum backing plates. Overall the monoblock design reduces unsprung mass by 2.2 pounds — hey, every ounce counts. The tires are specially designed for this car by Michelin, and Porsche say they've been designed with fast warmup (so they get stickier sooner) and drivability (which means they feature a less spikey transition when they're on the edge of grip).

Did you want A/C in your race car? Too bad, the GT3 R Rennsport doesn't have it and features a cooled seat instead. This is to save weight, Porsche says, and the cited curb weight is just 2,734 pounds — that's less than the current Toyota GR86 but with more than triple the power, race-car aero, way more mechnical grip, fancy five-way adjustable suspension, and ohhh that wing.

All of this can be yours $1,046,000 before transport, additional options and applicable taxes. If you have a million-plus-dollar hole in your pocket you just need to fill, you might want to act fast. Porsche's only making 77 of these, and interested parties can go here to register. No guarantees, but it might be worth a shot if you've recently won the Powerball.

Porsche 911 GT3 R Rennsport hard front

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As much as we love the road-going versions of the 911, these track-only GT3 variants are a different level entirely. If only we had a spare million lying around ...