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Porsche 911 Hybrid Will Debut on May 28

The electrified 911 is expected to get a big bump in power

Porsche 911 Hybrid test mule driving
  • That's right, the iconic Porsche 911 will finally get a hybrid powertrain.
  • Porsche says a hybrid 911 prototype lapped the Nürburgring Nordschleife nearly 9 seconds faster than the equivalent current 911.
  • We'll get the full details on Tuesday, May 28.

The long-awaited Porsche 911 Hybrid is almost here. Porsche confirmed that it'll reveal the new 911 Hybrid online on Tuesday, May 28, with production expected to kick off later this year.

We know next to nothing about the electrified 911, and Porsche is still keeping the big details close to its vest. Rumor has it the hybrid drivetrain will consist of a rear-mounted, turbocharged flat-six engine powering the back wheels, with a small battery pack powering an electric motor on the front axle, giving the 911 all-wheel drive. It's a setup similar to what Chevrolet uses in the new Corvette E-Ray.

"We have more grip, significantly more power, and the spontaneous response of the performance hybrid," Porsche brand ambassador Jörg Bergmeister said in a statement. Porsche also confirmed that, with Bergmeister behind the wheel, a prototype of the 911 completed a lap of the Nürburgring Nordschleife in 7 minutes, 16.934 seconds, or 8.7 seconds faster than "the corresponding version of the predecessor model," which we believe to be a Carrera GTS.

The 911 Hybrid will be the first model to launch in the refreshed 992.2 generation; other 911 models are expected to receive mild updates as well. As for a fully electric 911, well, that's still a long way off for now.

Edmunds says

Long gone are the days of hybrid power being reserved for slow eco-cars. The Porsche 911 Hybrid ought to be a ripper. We can't wait to see — and drive — this one.

Porsche 911 Hybrid driving