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The 2025 Mini JCW Countryman Is Bigger and Faster, But No Prettier

A face only a mother ... ugh, we're tired of saying it

2025 Mini John Cooper Works Countryman arial view
  • Mini announced details of its new John Cooper Works Countryman model.
  • The Mini JCW Countryman is larger and more powerful than the previous version.
  • Pricing starts at $47,895.

When one thinks of a Mini Cooper, descriptors like “cute” and “British” may come to mind. Maybe, if you’re a racing fan, thoughts of Formula 1 team owner and Mini pioneer John Cooper bubble to the top. Typically seen in the wild with racing stripes down the hood and the crisscross of the Union Jack on the taillights, the Mini Cooper is usually fun in a bite-size package. But the times are a changin' and the automaker recently pulled the drape from its new John Cooper Works Countryman, and it's not very "Mini" at all.

Equipped with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and all-wheel drive, Mini says its freshest model is bigger than the last generation and now qualifies as an SUV in the U.S. market. The newest Mini JCW Countryman is capable of 312 horsepower and can reach 62.1 miles per hour from zero in a crisp 5.4 seconds — expect the actual 0-60 mph time to be a little quicker still, but Mini only supplied a measurement in metric units, so we had to do a little conversion. The little turbo-four also makes 295 lb-ft of torque. In total, that’s an 11-hp increase but 36-lb-ft decrease from 2023. Top speed is limited to 155 mph, which should be more than enough for your family hauling needs.

Like the classic Fiat 500 Abarth, the Mini JCW Countryman is ideal for whipping around a track with joy etched on your face, but its aim is to be just as comfortable cruising highways and pastoral roads. Mini says the new model is also suited for off-road use, but maybe don't take it to Moab just yet without a serious lift kit.

2025 Mini John Cooper Works Countryman hard front

From the front, the Mini looks like its usual adorable self clad in the black and red finish for the photos seen here. Looking at the flank side, however, it resembles a boxier Kia Soul. Must be the red roof and painted red brake calipers. Mini says the new JCW Countryman has a drag coefficient of 0.26, which means it’s one of the most aerodynamic cars in its class. Streamlined 19-inch or 20-inch wheels and slightly larger tires (30 millimeters more in diameter alone) contribute to the performance and aerodynamics.

On the tech side, Mini gave the car 12 ultrasonic sensors and four surround-view cameras to help with driver assist features. For the first time, Mini says, “drivers can take their hands off the steering wheel on highway-like routes at speeds of up to 37 mph, provided they continue to keep a close eye on traffic and remain ready to intervene at any time.” In other words, keep your eyes on the road. If you want a deeper dive on the Countryman's interior, take a look at our review of the EV version (which shares its innards with the gas-powered JCW).

The Mini John Works Countryman is scheduled to begin production in March of next year with first deliveries to dealerships in May. It will start at $47,895.

2025 Mini John Cooper Works Countryman hard rear

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