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Lexus Finally Fixes the LC's Biggest Flaw: Its Terrible Infotainment

Lexus has done away with its terrible trackpad for 2024 and added a splash of color to the LC 500

2024 Lexus LC 500 front end
  • The Lexus LC is now more expensive than ever, with price changes ranging from $550 to $3,250.
  • However, the brand's awful trackpad infotainment has finally bitten the dust — at least in the LC.
  • Lexus also introduces a new customization program called Bespoke Build with new colors.

The Lexus LC 500 is the brand’s flagship grand tourer/sports car, and it's arguably one of the most aesthetically pleasing cars on sale today. Everything about it feels special; even door handles are little works of art. And that's before you even mention its sing-song 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V8. But nothing is perfect, and the LC's major flaw has been Lexus' truly awful trackpad-style infotainment controller — until now, that is.

Lexus has, at long, long last, removed its genuinely awful trackpad infotainment system, leaving us with what might now officially be a perfect grand-touring car. (Lexus, if you're reading this, we'd like a go.) The system is now just a good ol’ 12.3-inch touchscreen — the same that you’ll find in some of the brand’s newer efforts like the RZ or the recently redesigned RX.

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2024 Lexus LC interior infotainment

To fit the new, blissfully usable screen, Lexus did subtly redesign the dash of the LC 500, LC 500h hybrid and LC 500 convertible. You’ll need a side-by-side comparison to notice, and frankly the new setup looks like it could have been that way all along. There are some technical updates within this new screen as well. The Lexus Interface software now has over-the-air update compatibility and a new voice assistant.

Another aspect of the LC that’s new for 2024 are the colors. The LC has a fantastic range of standard colors on offer already, and new colors Ultrasonic Blue Mica 2.0 and Copper Crest join the lineup. The former will run $595, and the latter $500 on the button. Most notable on this front, however, is a new Bespoke Build option.

Bespoke Build is Lexus’ attempt at fleshing out some customization options for customers’ builds, including a wider range of colors and add-ons like different wheels, a carbon-fiber roof, and different colors for the convertible's soft top and interior where applicable. This will run buyers an extra $1,900.

2024 Lexus LC rear end group shot

Speaking of cost, pricing does rise to reflect new choices and standard options like the now-standard 21-inch wheels and parking assistant. The LC 500 coupe runs $3,250 hotter than last year for a grand total of $98,850. Pricing for the LC 500 convertible comes up $2,700 to $106,350, and the LC 500h’s number rises to $102,150. That's up $1,550 from last year.

Mechanically, Lexus hasn’t made any real updates. The LC 500h hybrid uses a 354-horsepower V6, with the LC 500 coupe and ‘vert still making use of their excellent 471-horsepower V8 engine. You'll be able to find these new LCs in a dealership near you come summertime this year.

Edmunds says

We’re extremely excited about the LC 500’s updates, including the banishment of the brand’s terrible touchpad infotainment. Moreover, the addition of Bespoke Build could be the start of something wonderful. At a six-figure price point, customers should be able to build the car they want, and we want to see Lexus expand this program over the coming years.