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Hot Take: Ford Bronco 4-Door Looks Like a Lifted Ford Flex

Hot Take: Ford Bronco 4-Door Looks Like a Lifted Ford Flex

We debate, you decide

  • Most everybody loves the new Bronco's style.
  • One of our staffers says they're wrong.
  • Does the new four-door Bronco really look like a "midsize two-row Ford Flex with an off-road package"?

People on the interwebs seem to think the new Ford Bronco looks great. "Badass," even. But there's one guy on our team who thinks they've all got it wrong, at least when it comes to the four-door model. This would be Josh Sadlier, our director of content strategy.

Does his claim have merit? This is, after all, the latest Bronco that builds off the model's storied past and has people waiting months (and paying well over sticker to get one). But that didn't stop Josh from trying to convince Cameron Rogers, our senior news editor, that he was right. What follows is the actual transcript of their Slack conversation, edited for clarity and so forth.

Who's right, and was Shakespeare really a bard? Let's find out.

Cameron: Good evening, good sir. I'm writing up the news piece announcing our long-term Ford Bronco. Do you have time to edit it tomorrow?

Josh: Just drop in a line like "An unnamed staffer thinks the Bronco's styling is actually kinda lame and admits he feels anger whenever he sees a Bronco on the street."

Cameron: Your takes are historically not as bad as some other people on staff. But this one is historically bad.

Josh: Hahah, oh you'll see. The two-door with big tires is OK by me, but by Jove … the four-door isn't that great!

Cameron: If this were the Middle Ages, bards would sing songs of your folly. Wait, were bards real? They aren't just some fantasy-genre creation?

Josh: If Shakespeare's nicknamed The Bard, I'm thinking there were bards. Anyway, listen, I get it, some people like their 4x4s with too much front overhang and a four-door version that looks twice as long as it is.

Cameron: Yeah, I guess Shakespeare was The Bard. But that guy wasn't prancing around a forest and playing a flute.

Josh: Haha. See, there you go. I'm sure we also agree on Bronco, deep down.

Cameron: Hivemind. Oh no. We don't agree at all. But I wish we got our Edmunds long-term Ford Bronco in Area 51. That color is righteous in person. Our blue was the right call because it's Limited Edition, but Area 51 rocks.

Josh: It looks alright. Probably my hottest take is that the four-door Bronco looks like the second coming of the Flex. The midsize two-row Flex with an off-road package.

Cameron: Everybody liked the Flex. It's just that nobody bought the Flex.

Josh: You've inspired me to search for Flex EcoBoosts, and I can report that they're out there for $25K-ish with decent miles. That's 365 horsepower. I would absolutely talk about wanting one of those and not buy it.

Cameron: LOL. That looks nothing like a Bronco!

Josh: That's because it doesn't have the off-road package!

Cameron: They don't even look like they're made by the same company.

Josh: I'll have to commission a Photoshop job for this. Meanwhile, better not spill the beans on this unnamed staffer I mentioned. He clearly needs to work on his argument.

Josh: No, I take that back, that guy is absolutely right, and here's proof:

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Cameron: I don't know what to tell you, man. That's a Flex on 37s.

Josh: And this right here is a 2022 Ford Flex Sport.

Cameron: You can't fool me, Josh. That's a 1980s Defender.

Josh: Ooooof. Somewhere all Land Rover Defenders are so deeply insulted.

Edmunds says

Josh's opinion notwithstanding, Bronco mania doesn't seem to be slowing down. But what do you think? Did Ford nail the four-door Bronco's styling, or did they give us a shortened Flex on 37s? Or both? Let us know in the comment section below. [And special thanks to Senior Reviews Editor Mark Takahashi for making our sweet Photoshopped lifted Flex lead image. What an amazing vehicle, right? Adult-sized room in the third row, and it'd go over anything.]