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Honda Will Retrofit Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to Select Accord Models

The Honda Accord is getting a useful upgrade

2018 Honda Accord Sport 2.0T
  • 2018-2022 Accords can be retrofitted with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto direct from your Honda dealer.
  • Honda will charge $112 plus dealer labor for installation.
  • The update is available through dealers now.

Honda announced that 2018-2022 Honda Accord models will be eligible for a dealer-installed software update allowing them to run wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The update only adds wireless functionality, as these models already come with wired connectivity for both phone-projection software systems. Interestingly, Honda bills the update as part of a “sustainability effort” that will “maximize the lifetime value of in-market Honda vehicles by offering upgrades and new digital services.” Honda also says that the addition of wireless connectivity will enhance “the ownership experience and market value of Honda vehicles already in use.”

2018 Honda Accord Touring dash

However, it isn’t just current owners that stand to benefit from the update, which will run $112 plus the cost of labor at the dealer. Honda will outfit any existing 2018-22 certified pre-owned Accord models with the new wireless capability, free of charge. Right now, it isn’t clear what dealers will be charging existing owners for the labor, which Honda calls a “quick software update,” but owners can head right to the dealer and get the work done now.

Edmunds says

Though it doesn’t strike us as much of a sustainability-based move, Honda thinking about owners of some of its older models is great to see. We’d love to see the brand continue to expand on this idea and offer more updates for owners of older Honda models.