Ford Maverick Is the Newest Pickup in Ford's Roster

Ford Maverick Is the Newest Pickup in Ford's Roster

New Entry-Level Pickup Hopes to Wash Away the Sins of the Ranger

What is the Maverick?

The Ford Maverick is our best guess at the name of Ford's newest pickup. Based on the Ford Escape, the Maverick will be a compact truck that slots below the Ranger and F-150 in Ford's lineup. Its unibody construction differs from the Ranger's and F-150's classic body-on-frame construction, which may ultimately put a limit on how much the Maverick can tow and haul. But its crossover backbone will also likely deliver a more comfortable, refined ride than its larger siblings manage. This could make the Maverick a solid choice for buyers who want the versatility of a pickup but don't need an old-school truck's absurdly high capabilities.

Urban environments don't favor large pickups, and it's under these circumstances the Ford Maverick should truly shine. It is far easier to navigate narrow streets in a small truck than the hulking F-150, and the Maverick probably won't exhibit the same poor ride quality that draws our derision in the Ranger. If the Maverick shares the Escape's duo of turbocharged four-cylinder engines, it could also be one of the most fuel-efficient gasoline trucks on the market.

Edmunds Says

Ford needs a competitive small truck, and the Ranger ain't it. The upcoming crossover-based Ford Maverick might be the ideal partner for urban shoppers who want the versatility of a pickup but won't compromise on ride quality.