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Ford CEO Confirms F-150 Lightning EPA Range Estimates

Ford CEO Confirms F-150 Lightning EPA Range Estimates

A max driving range of 320 miles ain't bad at all

  • We now have confirmation of the Ford F-150 Lightning's EPA range estimates.
  • The farthest a Lightning will be able to go on a single charge is 320 miles.
  • Slightly better than Rivian's best, and hot on the heels of the GMC Hummer EV.

The Ford F-150 Lightning made its debut almost a year ago, and up until now we all had one question on our minds: What will the range numbers be like? After a leaked window sticker gave us a vague idea of what the range numbers could be, Ford CEO Jim Farley took it upon himself to confirm the figures. In a recent tweet he left little room for supposition, listing the EPA-estimated range numbers for every Lightning trim.

According to Farley, the EPA range estimates for the XLT, Lariat and Pro trims is 230 miles on a single charge with the standard battery. Up the ante to the extended battery, and those models will go 320 miles on a full charge, while Platinum-spec Lightnings have a range of 300 miles. Farley also noted that the 320-mile estimate was 20 miles more than they originally expected from the extended-range battery. For a little context, that 320-mile range number is 6 miles more than you'll get out of a Rivian R1T.

However, in our test, the Rivian managed to better its 314-mile range estimate by 3 miles. Another key competitor for the Lightning, the GMC Hummer EV pickup, has a total range of 329 miles. Bear in mind that it's packing a 200-kWh battery, while the Ford's battery capacity is significantly less at 131 kWh. We'll be sure to put as many versions of the Lightning as we can through our real-world range test to see how it stacks up.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

Deliveries for the Lightning start this summer, and pricing for the Lightning starts at $41,669 (including destination) for the baseline Pro model. If you want the most range for the least amount of coin, you'll have to opt for the XLT trim with the extended-range battery, and that starts at $74,169. Top-of-the-line Platinum models will cost from $92,569. That's a lot of cash, but the Lightning might be one of the most important vehicles Ford has ever made.

Edmunds says

What might turn out to be the best F-150 ever made is just around the corner — and we can't wait.