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Ford Drops Base Bronco; Lineup Starts at $41,205

Ford has axed the base Bronco, and that means you can't have one for less than $40K now

2022 Ford Bronco Raptor
  • Amid mild updates to the lineup, Ford axes the base Bronco, raising MSRP to $41,205.
  • All models come standard with the 12-inch center screen.
  • The Bronco Big Bend is the only model not getting a price increase, and it now serves as the entry point to the lineup.

Ford has removed the base-level Bronco trim from its lineup. Not only that, but the brand has also increased pricing on the rest of the lineup for 2024. Ford has struggled to satiate demand for the Bronco since its introduction, and the smaller Bronco Sport is now the only way into a Bronco-branded model for less than $40,000.

There are relatively minor changes for the new model year too. The whole lineup now has a 12-inch infotainment screen, Badlands models get a powder-coated heavy-duty bumper, and the Bronco Raptor has a new Code Orange package.

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There is an asterisk to the price changes in the form of the Bronco Big Bend. The pricing for the now-base-level Bronco doesn’t change and runs $41,025 including $1,895 in destination fees. For now, it still comes standard with the seven-speed manual transmission and 2.0-liter four-cylinder motor. It’ll run you $1,995 to step up to the 10-speed/V6 combo. As ever, the pricey Sasquatch package is available for $8,660. Black Diamond pricing comes up to $44,525 from $42,545. The Heritage Edition is Ford’s retro take on the Bronco and is also more pricey ($49,750 vs. the $46,100 it was last year).

Outer Banks, Badlands and Everglades models are all more expensive too. These are now priced at $49,835, $51,290, and $57,415, respectively. All prices are at least $900 more than last year. To boot, the upper rungs of the lineup, the Wildtrak ($61,920), Heritage Limited Edition ($71,580) and Bronco Raptor ($91,730) are all more expensive too. Meanwhile, Jeep’s Wrangler is now a cheaper, much more readily available option. For reference, the 2023 lineup spans from $32,990 to $84,290 including destination.

Edmunds says

The decision to slim the Bronco lineup and raise prices is a frustrating if logical choice. Ford sells Broncos quicker than it can produce them, and the laws of supply and demand mean Ford can raise prices as it sees fit — so long as demand remains high and supply remains low. How long the Bronco fever lasts, however, remains to be seen.