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Edmunds Top Rated Electric SUV 2023 finalists lineup

Edmunds Top Rated Electric SUV 2023: The Finalists

Three EVs pull into a charging station ...

  • The BMW iX, Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia Niro EV are our finalists for Edmunds Top Rated Electric SUV for 2023.
  • Each of these three electric SUVs brings something special to the table.
  • Read on to find out why each one made it to the top three.

If you're looking for an electric SUV in 2023, you're spoiled for choice. It seems like every day there's an announcement from an automaker, whether it's a startup or an established brand, about a new EV crossover or SUV. Luckily for you, we've sampled all of them, and we've narrowed an ever-widening field down to three top choices. The Kia Niro EV, BMW iX and Hyundai Ioniq 5 are all excellent EVs, but each seeks to accomplish a different mission. Read on to find out why each is a finalist to be Edmunds Top Rated Electric SUV for 2023.

2023 BMW iX

2023 BMW iX front exterior

We don't just a book by its cover, but we do occasionally judge cars by their looks. That said, you'd be wrong to dismiss the iX just because it looks like ... that. Unlovable face aside, the iX is a superlative electric SUV. It's quiet, comfortable and shockingly quick, and it drives the way a BMW SUV should. But beyond all of that, the iX's real standout feature is its interior. It's chock full of interesting patterns, textures and fresh materials — it is a truly luxurious place to be. Throw in a surprisingly efficient powertrain that well exceeded its EPA range estimate in our real-world range test and you have the formula for a truly excellent SUV.

2023 Niro EV

2023 Kia Niro EV interior

The Niro EV can be seen as the opposite to the iX. It's not as lavishly appointed and not as jarring to look at, and it comes without pretense. The Niro EV is just a very good, small, relatively affordable EV made for city living. With a starting price of just over $40,000, it's less than half of what a base BMW iX would cost you, but it has a respectable 235 miles of electric-only range on offer. It also offers a cabin that's devoid of gimmicks but provides plentiful space and a nice set of features. The Niro EV doesn't have high-brow aspirations. Instead it wants to do its job and do it well. To that end, the Niro EV has more than accomplished its mission.

2023 Hyundai Ioniq 5

2023 Hyundai Ioniq 5 exterior

The Ioniq 5 was a surprise from the moment we first got behind the wheel. Hyundai's first EV on its E-GMP architecture (the company's new scalable platform dedicated to EVs) is a triumph, not only because it looks so darn cool but also because of the way it does everything we could ask an electric SUV to do with aplomb. It is huge inside, makes great use of materials, and can offer more than 300 miles of range. It's also a manageable size, enjoyable to drive, and a comfortable place to spend time. And it blends in a heap of desirability that Hyundais typically lack. In short, it's the new EV benchmark in its class, and the car Tesla, Ford, Volkswagen and many others will have to try to beat in the coming year. Good luck to them. It's hard to fault the Ioniq 5, and that's why it was an easy pick to be a finalist for Edmunds Top Rated Electric SUV for 2023.

Edmunds says

Three electric SUVs, one winner. Stay tuned to see which one takes home the trophy January 18 as Edmunds Top Rated Electric SUV for 2023.