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Dodge's Last Last Call (Seriously): Durango SRT 392 Kicks Off the Last of the Hemi SUVs

Dubbed the "AlcHEMI," this Durango is the first of the last Hemi-powered SUVs

  • Like the Charger and Challenger before it, a run of special Last Call models will give the V8-powered Durango a proper send-off.
  • Production of all Hemi Durango SUVs ends this year.
  • More Durango Last Call models will be released throughout the year.

A little less than a year after its Last Call for the V8-powered Charger and Challenger, Dodge is making one last, last (for real this time, we think) call for its V8-powered cars. The Dodge Durango SRT 392 AlcHEMI kicks off another run of Last Call models, this time consisting entirely of special-edition Durango SRT models, marking the “final calendar year of V-8 HEMI engine production for the Dodge Durango.”

Just like with the Challenger and Charger Last Call, Dodge says it will be sharing details on these special Durango models throughout 2024. As with last year, buyers will be able to find available Durango Last Call allocations via Dodge’s Horsepower Locator. The website is designed to show potential buyers available allocations and vehicles by color and ZIP code radius. The list of available cars is updated daily, and dealer info and website links will be provided via the Horsepower Locator as well.

The SRT 392 AlchHEMI is the first of these, starting life as a Durango SRT 392 Premium. The model is packed with aesthetic changes, and as with the majority of the previous Last Call models, there are no performance updates here. In any case, the visual changes are sweeping, and the Durango is filled with black and yellow accents on the brakes, striping and badging. In addition to the colorful accents, Dodge has fitted black 392 decals, Midnight Metallic grille and liftgate badges, forged carbon-fiber interior trim, and a leather/suede steering wheel with illuminated SRT badging. Four colors will be available: Diamond Black, Destroyer Gray, Vapor Gray and White Knuckle. Dodge says 250 of each color will be made for a total of 1,000 units produced, priced at $89,590 MSRP.

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Edmunds says

Though we’ve yet to see Last Call models anywhere but on auction sites, it’s great to see Dodge once again having some fun with the last of its Hemi V8 cars before downsizing and electrification creep into what may well have been America’s last real muscle-car brand.