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The 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV AWD Starts at $56,715

Starting prices for the Chevrolet Blazer EV's first available trim levels aren't cheap

2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV front
  • For now, the Chevrolet Blazer EV AWD starts at $56,715.
  • Chevy still hasn't released pricing for the base model, which was originally slated to start at $45K.
  • Both the 2LT and RS trims of the Blazer are much more expensive than originally promised.

When it was revealed last year, GM said that the upcoming Chevrolet Blazer EV would carry an attractive starting MSRP of $44,995. Now that we're getting a better picture of the price of midrange Blazer EVs, we're starting to think that Chevy's original claim was a bit optimistic.

Autoblog reports that the first vehicles available will be the well-specced 2LT all-wheel drive and sporty RS AWD. They start at $56,715 (including destination) and $60,215, respectively, says Autoblog. There's also an RS rear-wheel-drive model expected to set buyers back $61,790. These prices are substantial for a midsize EV, but the figures are also notable for being much higher than Chevy originally cited. For reference, the 2LT was supposed to start at $47,595 and the RS at $51,995. Ouch.

We will admit we don't quite have detailed pricing just yet. The Blazer EV will come in front-, rear- and all-wheel-drive configurations, and we suppose that FWD versions of these trims could bring the sticker back in line with Chevy's original prices. But with such a vast price gulf between the original price and what Autoblog reports, we think this is unlikely. As such, we're not optimistic that the cheapest front-wheel-drive 1LT trim will hold to its original price. Expect to also see a bump in price for the range-topping SS, which was originally slated to start from $65,995.

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2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV profile

What do you get for your money?

With an EPA-estimated 279 miles of range, the 2LT model is well equipped considering its positioning within the Blazer EV lineup. Standard fare includes a 360-degree camera, a 17.7-inch touchscreen and 11-inch digital cluster, a heated steering wheel and heated front seats, wireless charging and more.

The RS is positioned as the sportier choice, as indicated by unique 21-inch wheels and a flat-bottom steering wheel. You also get additional creature comforts, such as heated and rain-sensing wipers, ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, a head-up display and more. Like the 2LT, range is an EPA-estimated 279 miles.

Chevrolet will also offer the RS trim sans two driven wheels. In addition to the rear-drive format, the RS RWD gets a Bose audio system, and thanks to its single-motor configuration, range estimates climb to 320 miles.

While the Blazer EV's true starting price remains unknown for now, it’s almost a certainty that the 1LT will be equipped with the least potent motor and smallest battery pack that the Blazer offers. If it can truly stick to its initial claimed starting price of around $45,000, the Blazer EV could mount a serious threat to established rivals like the Ford Mustang Mach-E. That electric SUV starts at $45,295 with destination, though both the Chevy and Ford are eligible for tax credits for qualified buyers. It’s worth also keeping in mind that Hyundai and Kia undercut both American electric crossovers with the Ioniq 5 ($42,785) and EV6 ($43,920), both of which offer performance trims to rival the Blazer EV SS. However, there are no tax credits for either the Hyundai or the Kia.

Edmunds says

We’re curious to see how the full Blazer EV lineup stacks up to the competition, but Chevrolet has given us a solid idea based on the pricing seen here. The Blazer looks to be another welcome addition to the segment, but only time will tell if the money is worth it.