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Confirmed: 2025 Honda Passport Is Fully Redesigned and Arrives Next Year

Your Passport to the Trail(Sport)

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  • Redesigned Passport will be based on the new Honda Pilot.
  • More features than before, and we expect a more capable TrailSport trim.
  • The Pilot's V6 will likely carry over, promising a few extra hp compared to last year's Passport.

Two-row midsize SUVs are nowhere near as popular as their three-row counterparts, but enough customers are buying the excellent Honda Passport that the roomy crossover is returning for round four. Based on the recently overhauled Honda Pilot, the 2025 Honda Passport is fully redesigned and should arrive with a tough new exterior to complement a modern interior and more features than ever before.

We say “should” because Honda hasn’t released any images yet. It should look a lot like the current Pilot since the Passport is essentially a variation of that SUV. The primary difference is the number of seats, but the Passport’s shorter length also means it’s generally easier to park and maneuver.

Expect the 2025 Passport to be powered by the same 3.5-liter V6 that the current model uses, though if the Pilot is anything to go off of, we’ll likely see a mild bump from 280 to 285 horsepower. We also believe the rugged TrailSport model will be even more capable, with the addition of skid plates and special off-road driving traction modes.

Edmunds says

The 2025 Honda Passport is fully redesigned and poised to be even better than the current version. And that's saying a lot — today's Passport tops our ranking of midsize two-row SUVs.