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Chrysler Halcyon Concept Presents a Vision of the Future

This modern, forward-thinking EV is a big departure for Chrysler

Chrysler Halcyon concept front
  • The Halcyon Concept features an 800-volt lithium-sulfur battery.
  • Chrysler proposes "unlimited" range with wireless recharging on the go.
  • The automaker will launch its first production EV in 2025.

Chrysler has seen a lot of changes over its 99 years of existence, and not all of it good. In recent years, the brand has gradually whittled its lineup down to two vehicles: the Pacifica minivan and the old-school Chrysler 300. The Pacifica has faced steep competition, but it’s still a solid performer, offering luxury touches not seen in other people movers. However, the 300 sedan took its last breath in December of last year.

This week, the legacy automaker revealed something completely new in its Halcyon Concept EV. Merriam-Webster describes the word "halcyon" as “characterized by happiness, great success, and prosperity” and it seems Chrysler is looking into its future with optimism.

Chrysler Halcyon concept rear

Inside the Halcyon, the happiness theme is characterized by new features. The concept was built to fold rear seats into the trunk area to show off how Chrysler’s Stow ‘n Go seating can be adapted from its successful minivan design. The pedals, steering wheel and front seat all stow away to further display its minimalist setup. And the designers got creative with the cabin, claiming 95% sustainable interior materials. Even the classic Chrysler wing logo has been redesigned and integrates crushed recyclable electronic CDs into the badging.

Big leaps in technology are part of the Halcyon’s look into the future, and the concept mixes in biometric identification to activate an LED exterior lighting animation, voice recognition to control the steering wheel, Level 4 autonomous driving, a dimmable glass canopy, and more. The most impressive proposed feature is likely the “unlimited” range, using wireless recharging technology to refill the battery while in motion.

Chrysler Halcyon concept doors open

This concept was built to use 800-volt lithium-sulfur EV batteries, which Chrysler says would result in a carbon footprint that's roughly 60% lower than current lithium-ion batteries

Chrysler says this concept car is a peek at its future direction and a key moment in the brand’s revitalization. We know the automaker is planning to launch its first EV in 2025, and we expect it to be a crossover. While Chrysler promises an all-EV lineup by 2028, this sports car concept won’t be the first out of the gate, if it comes to fruition at all. That doesn’t mean we can’t dream.

Edmunds says

This stunning concept is a big departure from the usual fare from the legacy automaker and we're interested in seeing how it evolves.

Chrysler Halcyon Concept dashboard