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2025 Porsche Boxster 718 EV Photos: Here's Everything We Know

The Boxster EV is coming, and soon

2025 Porsche Boxster EV front
  • A new Boxster/Cayman duo is coming, and they're going to be EVs.
  • We have new pictures of the Boxster EV testing in chilly weather.
  • Here's what we know so far.

Whether we like it or not, the Porsche 718 Boxster roadster and its 718 Cayman coupe sibling are dropping their gas engines in favor of electric motors. While we haven't gotten a great look at either next-generation electric vehicle so far, newly shot spy images show a lightly camouflaged Boxster EV during winter testing. The prototype spotted here isn't quite production-ready yet. It clearly has headlights from the Taycan, and while Porsche is relatively fond of sharing parts, we believe the Boxster will get its own set of eyes to help differentiate it on the road.

The rest of it, however, looks as a prototype in the validation phase should, with body panels that are distinct from those on the gas-powered 718. The charging port for this new generation of 718 is in the middle of the back bumper and can clearly be seen in the photos. The taillights are also significantly different from what we saw on the last Boxster, looking more like the new Cayenne's than the 718's.

2025 Porsche Boxster EV rear

Boxster EV: Power, range and charging

Not much is known about the Boxster EV at the moment. It might be easy to look at the specs for the Macan EV and Taycan and think that some of the motor and battery configurations from those models could make their way to the Boxster, but it might not be that straightforward. While the Macan EV's new prismatic cells (with Porsche having moved on from the pouch-type cells in the Taycan for better packaging) will likely be adopted for the Boxster, we doubt the battery pack will remain the same size to fit the Boxster's more compact dimensions.

We do expect the 718 Boxster EV to maintain Porsche's 800-volt architecture, however. As such, it should be able to charge at a rate of up to 270 kW (or even higher). As for horsepower figures, it's safe to assume the base model will have a single rear-wheel-drive arrangement with a motor that makes at least 400 horsepower. Models will move up steadily from there, with the GTS-badged cars making closer to 500 horsepower. The Boxster was always light and lovely to drive, which is why it didn't need much in the way of pure grunt to still be quick. That will all likely change when the 718 hits the market, hence our assumptions that big power increases are due.

Boxster EV: How much will it cost?

The current 718 Boxster starts at just over $71,000, and we suspect the base 718 EV will cost at least $75,000. Expect the S, GTS and potential Turbo models to push well into the six figures, with top-spec cars easily hitting $150,000 once options are applied.

The new Boxster EV is slated to make its debut sometime in 2025.

2025 Porsche Boxster EV rear

Edmunds says

While we'll be sad to waive the gas-powered 718s goodbye, we're excited to see what Porsche has in store.