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The 2025 Honda Civic Hybrid Goes on Sale This Summer

The Toyota Corolla Hybrid now has a target on its back

2025 Honda Civic front
  • After a decade-long hiatus, the Honda Civic hybrid returns for 2025.
  • Will come standard on upper Civic trims.
  • Available in sedan and hatchback body styles.

The Honda Civic is currently available with three powertrains — ranging from a ho-hum 2.0-liter four-cylinder to the Type R's seriously spicy turbo-2.0 — but it lacks an electrified version to battle the Toyota Corolla Hybrid in a fuel-sipper showdown. But the Honda faithful don't have to wait much longer; today, the automaker announced the 2025 Honda Civic hybrid is due this summer.

Honda hasn't sold a Civic Hybrid since 2015, though the last-generation Insight was essentially a Civic Hybrid with a different name and a better infotainment system. We don't know a ton of details about the new Civic Hybrid, other than the car won't technically be called that by the time it goes on sale. That's because, starting with the new Accord and CR-V, Honda is now positioning the hybrid powertrain as part of trim upgrades in the core vehicle lineup. With the Accord, for example, there's no Accord Hybrid — you simply get an electrified powertrain on the midtier Sport model and above.

The hybrid powertrain will be available in Civic sedan and hatchback body styles. Honda hasn't released official output figures yet, but we expect numbers in the range of 180 to 204 horsepower.

2025 Honda Civic badge

Edmunds says

The Honda Civic hybrid is a little late to the party, but given the competitive strength of the current Civic as a whole, the Toyota Corolla Hybrid should have a lot to worry about.