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2024 Toyota Camry Priced, Essentially Confirms New Model Coming for 2025

The 2024 Camry model all but announces something we suspected — a new Camry for 2025

2024 Toyota Camry front three-quarter
  • The 2024 Toyota Camry starts at $27,515 MSRP with destination.
  • The V6 Camry starts at $34,580 MSRP.
  • Toyota is likely introducing a refreshed or new Camry for 2025.

Pricing for the 2024 Toyota Camry has been announced, and the prices we list here all include the $1,095 destination fee. This year, the Camry starts at $27,515. That’s for the front-wheel-drive LE model, with the all-wheel-drive LE starting at $28,915. Hybrid LE models start at $29,950, and the V6 Camry now starts at $34,580.

All 2024 models will come with Toyota Safety Sense 2.5+, the automaker’s suite of active safety features, as standard. That includes features like radar cruise control and lane keeping assistance, and Toyota’s 7 or 9-inch infotainment system will be offered depending on trim. More importantly, this is very likely the last time we will be seeing the Camry as we know it. We’ve previously seen the 2025 Camry in spy shots, and Toyota’s light updates for the 2024 model year all but confirm that the new Camry will arrive as a 2025 model.

And so the current Camry will be with us almost completely unchanged for a little while longer. Toyota has no real reason to introduce significant updates this late in the Camry’s life anyway. But if you’re a fan of the current car, this may be your last chance before Toyota brings big changes. 

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2024 Toyota Camry

What we know about the 2025 Camry so far

As for what's coming next, we know for sure that Toyota will opt for a major face-lift or even a full redesign for the 2025 Camry. Based on photos of test cars, it appears Toyota is going with a more fastback-like profile for the sedan, but the chassis hardpoints appear to be the same. This could mean the new Camry will share the current car's structure with new sheetmetal and a new interior laid over it.

In any case, a strong number of powertrain options will remain. The car’s four-cylinder and hybrid four-cylinder options are staples of the Camry lineup, and it's unlikely they'll fade from the Camry lineup. However, it isn’t clear what will become of the naturally aspirated V6. Toyota may elect to keep it around for another swing at a TRD-badged Corolla or maybe even a GR version (though we think the latter is seriously unlikely). Conversely, Toyota could ax the V6 to make the Camry fit better with its vision for a hybridized future.

Other major changes are likely, and we expect a brand-new interior layout, fresh tech, and maybe some design cues that have been adopted from the new — and now quite handsome — Prius. Toyota will likely start trickling out small pieces of information on its new Camry soon, so stay tuned to see what's in store for the brand's stalwart sedan.

Edmunds says

We're ready for the redesign and so is the Camry, which despite strong sales has begun to grow somewhat long in the tooth.

2024 Toyota Camry front three-quarter