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Rolls-Royce Just Teased Its First EV, the 2024 Spectre

Rolls-Royce Just Teased Its First EV, the 2024 Spectre

Silent electric-only motoring, the Rolls-Royce way

  • Rolls-Royce just teased its first-ever EV.
  • The all-electric coupe will be called the Spectre.
  • The Spectre will be here by the end of 2023.

Rolls-Royce is finally building an electric vehicle, and it's saying the move to batteries and electric motors is "a prophecy fulfilled." While government mandates and the relentless pursuit of cleaner, more efficient motoring don't exactly constitute a prophecy, there can be no debate that the 2024 Spectre is a step in the right direction for the classic British marque.

The company's first teaser of its first EV dropped today, and it looks like the Spectre will be a coupe version of the Ghost and it will likely serve as the Wraith's replacement when it finally enters production. The key difference, of course, is that the classic 6.6-liter V12 that's been under the hood of countless Rollers won't be there. In its place will be batteries and electric motors.

Despite the camouflage and the ghastly name, the car you see here is very much the real deal. Rolls-Royce plans on putting the Spectre through about 1.6 million miles of testing, what it claims is the equivalent to 400 years of use. Luckily, the Spectre should be here much sooner than that, and Rolls is targeting the end of 2023 as the date for the Spectre's market launch.

But this is just the first of what will be a long line of electrified Rollers. The British automaker has said that all of its cars will be fully electric by 2030, joining the likes of Bentley, which has made a similar promise. After all, the company has said that the architecture the Cullinan and Ghost ride on was made with an EV powertrain in mind from the get-go.

As for what will power the new Spectre, an educated guess says that BMW (which owns Rolls-Royce) will supply the EV components. It is entirely possible that some of the hardware will come from the BMW iX (the Bavarian company's current EV flagship) or the upcoming electric 7 Series, as is standard practice these days. BMW's electric motors are developed in house, and sharing them with Rolls would help bring development costs way down.

Range, power and torque figures are still unknown, but the EV Spectre won't be a featherweight and will need some pretty serious grunt to get it moving. You can almost certainly expect a large battery pack, at least one electric motor at the back and adequate range numbers when the Spectre finally goes on sale.

Edmunds says

As the Mercedes EQS has proven, the word "EV" can be synonymous with luxury. It was inevitable that Rolls-Royce was going to hop on the EV train, and we're sure that its pursuit of ultimate luxury will make the Spectre something special.