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2023 Kia Niro EV Is Bigger, Bolder and Faster-Charging

2023 Kia Niro EV Is Bigger, Bolder and Faster-Charging

  • Redesigned interior and exterior
  • Targeted 253 miles of range
  • Faster onboard charger
  • Part of the second Niro EV generation introduced for 2023

What is the Niro EV?

The 2023 Niro EV is part of Kia's Niro family of subcompact SUVs. There's the Niro hybrid, the Niro Plug-in Hybrid, and this model, the EV. Although Kia refers to the Niro as a "crossover," to our eyes, it looks like a hatchback. The redesigned 2023 Niro EV has a slightly larger footprint than current models and features increased headroom, legroom, shoulder room and cargo capacity.

In addition to its roomier cabin, the second-generation Niro EV's redesign showcases bolder exterior styling, an increased amount of technology, and an interior that's environmentally friendly. The new "Aero Blade" feature is likely to catch your eye — located on each rear quarter panel, it is a design element that also provides assistance with aerodynamics. The Aero Blade can be ordered to match the vehicle's color if you're not into the two-tone look.

What's under the Niro EV's hood?

The Niro EV is powered by a 64.8-kWh battery pack and a 201-horsepower motor. Kia says it is targeting a range of 253 miles of range, though if the last Niro EV is any indication, it should have no trouble exceeding that range in the real world.

The Niro EV has an 11-kW onboard charger, which it uses to recharge the battery in under seven hours on a 240-volt Level 2 charger. DC fast or Level 3 charging capability is included as a standard feature and can get the battery from 10% to 80% in under 45 minutes. The maximum charge rate tops out at 85 kW.

How's the Niro EV's interior?

The 2023 Niro EV leans into its eco-conscious spirit, with a cabin filled with animal-free fabrics and recycled materials. It borrows some of its interior elements from its corporate sibling, the Kia EV6: the driver-centric dashboard, optional digital instrument and infotainment clusters, dial knob gear selector and climate controls. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as in our experience with the EV6, they were all intuitive and easy to operate.

You might be disappointed, however, if you were looking for some differentiation between the EV and the hybrid model. All 2023 Niros appear to have the same interior layouts, save for some of the materials used. The good news is that there is more room inside the cabin than before, though we don't have exact numbers at the time of this writing. Cargo space behind the rear seats has improved to 22.8 cubic feet, up from 18.5 cubes on the outgoing model.

How's the Niro EV's tech?

The Niro EV will be available with vehicle-to-load onboard generator functionality, which allows you to use the vehicle's battery to charge other devices. It may be slower than a traditional charge station, but you can use the Niro to charge your laptop or even another electric vehicle.

Premium technological safety features including adaptive cruise control (with stop-and-go functionality), a head-up display, wireless smartphone integration, plus an optional heat pump and battery warmer to conserve range in cold climates, will all be available in higher trims.

Edmunds says

The 2023 Kia Niro EV is one to keep an eye out for in the coming months. We rated the outgoing model highly, and this new generation looks to improve on an already solid foundation.