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2020 BMW X5 xDrive40i Real-World Test: Does The Cargo Make the Grade

2020 BMW X5 xDrive40i Real-World Test: Does The Cargo Make the Grade

Edmunds Team Tests the BMW X5 xDrive40i Storage

To see what it's like to live with a 2020 BMW X5 xDrive40i, we've put one in our long-term fleet, which means we're running it for a full year and 20,000 miles. As the year progresses, our staffers fill up the logbook with comments on everything from road trips to reliability. Here's the latest news on our long-term X5 xDrive40i.

2020 BMW X5 xDrive40i

2020 BMW X5 xDrive40i

The BMW X5 xDrive40i Cargo Can Be Limiting

Driving from LA to Monterey on a stretch of Highway 1 and back is an epic experience all by itself. But, last month our Director of Content Strategy Josh Sadlier's main business on the Monterey Peninsula was to whack some golf balls. This is why the BMW X5's cargo area was tasked with carrying his golf bag and cart.

How'd it do?

Truth be told, Josh expected to find more usable space in the back of this midsize SUV. Because there's a first-aid kit mounted flush on the left cargo wall, you can't fit a golf bag sideways next to the tailgate, and the cargo area isn't deep enough to accommodate a bag lengthwise. The only way to stow it is diagonally across the cargo floor, which of course makes it harder to pack other stuff around it.

"I could understand if this were a BMW X1 or an X3, but we're talking about the big daddy X5 here. I looked up the dimensions — it is 2.5 inches wider than my 2001 Land Cruiser," he says.

Your feelings may vary if you're not a golfer.

"For me, if I'm buying a vehicle of this magnitude, I want the real-world cargo space to be more of a plus," notes Josh.

2020 BMW X5 xDrive40i

2020 BMW X5 xDrive40i

2020 BMW X5 xDrive40i: Real-World Fuel Economy

After about eight months and over 11,000 miles driven, our overall fuel economy hovers around 19.9 mpg, which falls short of the EPA-estimated 22 mpg combined.

Average lifetime mpg: 19.9
EPA mpg rating: 22 combined (20 city/26 highway)
Best fill mpg: 23.2
Best range (miles): 435.2
Current odometer: 11,772

Read more real-world fuel economy updates about our 2020 BMW X5 xDrive40i.

Edmunds says

We're on the road all the time in our 2020 BMW X5, which means the logbook is brimming with our latest unvarnished opinions. Come along for the ride at our 2020 BMW X5 xDrive40i long-term test page.