2018 Edmunds Buyers Most Wanted Awards

The Edmunds Buyers Most Wanted Awards recognize the 17 most popular vehicles among car shoppers according to sales data and car shopping trends. The awards celebrate the one vehicle in each segment that is winning both the hearts and wallets of car buyers.

Honda and Mercedes top the list with four vehicles each — Honda dominating the standard segments and Mercedes the luxury segments. Honda took home honors for the Civic, the CR-V, the Accord and the Odyssey in the Compact Car, Compact SUV, Midsize Car and Minivan segments, respectively. Mercedes vehicles that received honors are the C-Class for Luxury Compact Car, GLC-Class for Luxury Compact SUV, S-Class for Large Luxury Car, and GLS-Class for Large Luxury SUV. Toyota and its luxury brand, Lexus, both walked away with two awards each, while Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, Porsche, and Subaru round out the list with one each.

The 2018 Edmunds Most Wanted Award winners are determined by analyzing data from the first nine months of 2017 for all models on sale during that period. Vehicles are ranked according to highest overall sales, fastest selling speed, and two types of shopper consideration metrics on the Edmunds site. These rankings are weighted equally to determine the winners in each segment.

The full list of the 2018 Edmunds Buyers Most Wanted Award winners:

Buyers Most Wanted Compact Car - Honda Civic

Edmunds Buyers Most Wanted

The perennial top-selling vehicle in its class, the Honda Civic is a no-brainer for shoppers on the hunt for a small car. Reliable, dependable, and boasting a nice list of features, the Civic remains a favorite among buyers year after year, even in a market dominated by SUVs and crossovers.

Buyers Most Wanted Compact SUV - Honda CR-V

Edmunds Buyers Most Wanted

One of the first compact crossovers on the market, the redesigned Honda CR-V remains a best-seller thanks to aggressive new styling that grabs the attention of buyers in this extremely popular segment.

Buyers Most Wanted Luxury Compact Car - Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Edmunds Buyers Most Wanted

Mercedes upped the ante for buyers in the luxury compact car class with the Mercedes C-Class. Top-notch craftsmanship and innovative technology options make the C-Class the top seller in its category and a favorite among buyers.

Buyers Most Wanted Luxury Compact SUV - Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class

Edmunds Buyers Most Wanted

The fastest-selling vehicle in the highly competitive luxury SUV segment, the Mercedes GLC is packed with fresh upgrades and is a favorite among luxury buyers looking for the latest technology and safety features.

Buyers Most Wanted Midsize Car - Honda Accord

Edmunds Buyers Most Wanted

In a hotly contested segment, the Accord's reputation as one of the most reliable, comfortable and easy-to-drive vehicles precedes itself. Extremely popular in terms of both sales and consideration, the Accord hits all the marks for shoppers seeking a family-friendly vehicle with solid gas mileage, a long list of standard safety features, and strong resale value.

Buyers Most Wanted Midsize SUV - Toyota Highlander

Edmunds Buyers Most Wanted

Whether they need more room for a growing family or simply more cargo space, the Highlander is a popular choice for shoppers looking to upgrade to a bigger vehicle. With good fuel economy and solid handling in severe winter weather, the Highlander is a quick-selling vehicle in an extremely crowded segment.

Buyers Most Wanted Midsize Truck - Toyota Tacoma

Edmunds Buyers Most Wanted

The No. 1-selling vehicle in its segment, the Tacoma is one of the most in-demand trucks in America. Boasting segment-leading residual values, strong off-road capabilities and a strong reputation for reliability, this vehicle remains a popular choice for nearly all midsize-truck shoppers.

Buyers Most Wanted Luxury Midsize Car - Lexus ES 350

Edmunds Buyers Most Wanted

A very popular car in a very popular segment, the Lexus ES 350 has the right mix of reliability and luxury that buyers continue to gravitate to year after year.

Buyers Most Wanted Luxury Midsize SUV - Lexus RX 350

Edmunds Buyers Most Wanted

A mainstay in one of the hottest segments on the market, the Lexus RX 350 is a well-rounded luxury crossover that continues to outpace the competition in both sales and popularity.

Buyers Most Wanted Large Car - Chrysler 300

Edmunds Buyers Most Wanted

Bold and aggressive, the Chrysler 300 stands out in a class of largely look-alike sedans, and its originality makes it one of the most popular large cars on the market.

Buyers Most Wanted Large SUV - Chevrolet Tahoe

Edmunds Buyers Most Wanted

The Chevy Tahoe is a perennial favorite among shoppers who love the utility and space of a truck-based SUV. The Tahoe is the best-selling and most popular vehicle it its class on Edmunds, and it tends to move quickly off dealer lots. In a major comeback era for SUVs, the Tahoe is well-positioned to attract even more fans.

Buyers Most Wanted Large Truck - Ford F-150

Edmunds Buyers Most Wanted

The top-selling truck for decades, the Ford F-150 shows no sign of losing popularity with buyers who appreciate Ford's ability to innovate without compromising the performance and utility that truck buyers expect.

Buyers Most Wanted Luxury Large Car - Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Edmunds Buyers Most Wanted

The best-selling 2017 Mercedes S-Class earns its place as the king of the luxury sedan. The S-Class bests its competitors in sales and consideration, and thanks to its opulent design and long list of high-tech features, this vehicle doesn't linger long on dealer lots.

Buyers Most Wanted Luxury Large SUV - Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class

Edmunds Buyers Most Wanted

The newest and best-selling SUV in its class, the debut 2017 Mercedes GLS is a hit with buyers who appreciate its flagship quality features and highly desirable combination of performance, luxury and size.

Buyers Most Wanted Minivan - Honda Odyssey

Edmunds Buyers Most Wanted

With a solid track record in reliability, easy handling and family-friendly features, the Odyssey holds a special place in the hearts of shoppers across America. The Odyssey continues to offer the best value for a large family vehicle, and its spacious cabin and amenities to make it a preferred choice for buyers.

Buyers Most Wanted Sports Car - Subaru WRX

Edmunds Buyers Most Wanted

Boasting major engine power, good fuel economy and weather-friendly features, the WRX remains a popular choice for shoppers who crave a sports car for all seasons.

Buyers Most Wanted Luxury Sports Car - Porsche 911

Edmunds Buyers Most Wanted

The Porsche 911 sets the benchmark for performance and remains the holy grail of sports cars. The 911 has a long-standing reputation among buyers as the most coveted sports car on the market, and it remains one of the best-selling vehicles in its class.

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